Whispers of Truth by House of Sillage

Whispers of Truth 2019

22.04.2021 - 03:53 AM

Sillage says everything

I knew House of Sillage from their previous creations. As soon as collection “Whispers in the Garden” hit the market, I purchased their samples. Most of them are very easy to wear and have light floral scents, but “Whispers of truth” is different story. It came few years ago, but right away it become absolute hit among company’s admirers. Prices for remaining collection can easily go down to $145-180 per cup cake, but this one stays the same $495 no matter what and I understand why. If you like Baccarat rouge 540, but can’t stand their medicinal, very heavy ambroxan notes, this composition have gorgeous citrusy-floral-caramel vibe. This one is luxury Baccarat dupe, that lasts all day. I love that it is truly stands to its name and literally whispers the truth about yourself, letting your personality shine, without being overwhelming hit to your surroundings. Amazingly done composition and it is a pleasure to see new cupcakes versions through out the years developing into series of scents. New perfume stands a part from remaining 6 bottles, with colourful pastel decor with original Swarovski Crystals. It could be beautiful gift for someone dear to your heart. It can be used for special occasions to stand out among the crowd without powerful dominance. When person leaves, sillage stays to whisper the truth.
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