Boss Bottled (Eau de Toilette) by Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled 1998 Eau de Toilette

20.01.2012 - 04:47 AM
Very helpful Review

Boss Bottled – The Minute Man

I regard Boss Bottled as the "minute man" of fragrances, totally planned and trimmed to success. Because of this it is a fragrance, which successful men (or wannebees) like to use. To my opinion, it is THE office fragrance, quite pleasant and refreshing. The intensity is exactly to the point, enough to be recognized but not too much to be regarded as intrusive.
Bottled starts with a nice and in this combination rather unique fruity note and contains an inspiring apple note as the "trademark", which is wrapped into some citrus notes. I cannot really discern the citrus notes, but there is also at least a note of geranium as well as some prune. After some minutes, the prune appears to get stronger.
Later the fruitiness gets support by some more woody notes and cinnamon.
The basenote is smooth and sweet with woody notes and vanilla and reminds only remotely of fruits and apples.
On my skin Bottled lasts in this sequence for a complete office day.
As I am spending a lot of time at the office, I like to wear it to this purpose but almost never on other occasions.

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