The Scent (2015) Eau de Toilette

The Scent (Eau de Toilette) by Hugo Boss
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6.3 / 10     312 RatingsRatingsRatings
The Scent (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Hugo Boss for men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-sweet. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGinger
Heart Notes Heart NotesManinka fruit, Lavender
Base Notes Base NotesLeather



6.3 (312 Ratings)


6.3 (242 Ratings)


5.9 (244 Ratings)


7.6 (262 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 16.09.2019

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is British actor Theo James.

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8.0 6.0 6.0 4.0/10

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Dear mothers, dear grannies, dear aunts, dear cousins,
i would like to welcome you warmly and am pleased that you have all gathered here to take part in my seminar "What can I give away for birthdays and Christmas? I can see from your faces that all of you - really all of you - belong to the People Group, who enjoy giving gifts to others. They probably also love to skillfully put the gift in the limelight and create the big "aha effect". Am I right? Oh, you don't have to answer me at all. I can see that I hit the bull's-eye.
You know, I brought a little something. Just look at the pretty exterior. The packaging is simple, but somehow noble. Do you like what you see? Well, watch this. It gets better.
Oh, how gorgeous this bottle looks, isn't it? The cylindrical shape that almost embraces the magical, orange, almost pulsating juice - spectacular and somehow simple - as you know it from Boss, isn't it? I can already feel your enthusiasm. Now we want to test what this noble juice, after all we are dealing with Hugo Boss, can do. I spray the scent onto a test strip now and ask you to get a short impression, take as little time as possible, and pass the test strip on immediately to your next-door neighbor, who will do exactly the same. Does everyone understand that?


Hach, just listen. Here in the front row, people are already praising us. It smells fresh, doesn't it? What's that? That's ginger! Great, huh?
I have just heard that the gentlemen in the back mean exactly the same thing? Well, the test strip went around faster than I thought. Wonderful! So you like it too, huh? And all of you here would buy it for your friends, your acquaintances, your loved ones and give it away? Wonderful! You'd be making a good decision. um... to the older lady in the back. Please do not spoil your first good impression by overtaxing your nose with more sniffing. You have to give your nose a break sometime. I'll take the test strip off for you very quickly.

That's it for today, then. I look forward to welcoming you to my home again soon in all its freshness. The topic for the next session should of course be a surprise.

All right, Martin. Pack those janzen things, will you? You've been a big help to me today. That's the kind of intern you want. You've all built the chairs and stuff. I need to make a quick call now. See you right outside.

*tuuuuuuuuut tuuuuuuuut*

Guido, old scented chocolate. You wanted to see how the potential customers in the area react to "The Scent" by Hugo Boss, didn't you? Your co-worker ordered some stuff about the stuff, haste told. A zero more in the ordering system can make up a lot, can't it? But you got me. So, pass uff:

You'd better pack that stuff into your own Reja. Of course, a bottle was unpacked for presentation. I needed a scent strip. It is best to allet directly at the Einjang. Hiern bissel Licht, da bissel Licht - weeßt ja - appealing product presentation and so, ne. Your co-worker is best placed next to dat Rejal. Then you have to leave the computer, can't do anything more and at the same time you can make yourself useful with a really simple Aufjabe.
No, no, Guido ... here you don't need to have any concerns. Yes, she's supposed to be cooking, but this is really great. I know you. She can talk like that, and that's the most important thing here. Bissel over the chic packaging and over the snippy Flakong faszeln and a sprayer uffn test strip. With the paper the customer with it briefly the nose hair bissel stroke and dit thing in the connection immediately in garbage can haun... by the way ... i wouldn't let you snoop too long. Ick can tell you ... with the top note got everyone. Your employee only has to persuade the people for a long time and fit a bit on the test strip. Ick had here sone janz old demanding to sit in the back row. Man, I had to get the strip out of her pens fast, tell you. She almost wat someone.
Oh, Guido. You don't need to be afraid. Most of your customers don't know their way around anyway and come to your shed at the last minute. Everybody doesn't have time.

Yeah, you can believe me. You're still quite fresh here with your shop, but the Koppnotenblender have been supi for years. You can believe me.
What's the scent like? Jesus, Guido. Ick thought you tested it yourself once. Well, smells like a nice deodorant, really synthetic and sweet halt, ne ...
Yaaaa... well, that's why I only put the broth under my nose for a moment.
Maninka? Since when do you have a Russian girlfriend?
Ohsoooo... you mean that stuff in the perfume. Yes ... i don't know if it's in there. Smells like a sweet deodorant to me, that I can also get it in the cosmetic corner in Aldi.
Yes! Therefore only briefly under the olfactory bulb. You got that?


Yoa, wish you a good rest of the week. And remember ... Let the employee palaver like a waterfall and don't exaggerate with the test sniffing.

Well then ... you finally figured it out.
Juti, ick has to go now. I gotta go to another event. There's a new jet drink on the market right now. On the phone he was babbling about tequila, sauerkraut and punch. Gotta take a look at this. Who knows if I wouldn't help him out with a seminar. If this really becomes a tequila and sauerkraut punch, I'll have to think of something for my seminar. Ick gloob, this is a stuff that only students can get excited about. They all drink, which somehow shoots. Well, wat solls.
Till denne!
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    16
If I play tennis with my husband - then only gentleman tennis.

That means you play the ball politely to each other - without chasing each other all over the court.

This protects ligaments and joints, the peace of the house and the nerves.

You have movement - without annoying competition.
I enjoy sports as much as you do.

And just as friendly is The Scent.
It plays the ingredients to me safely so that I can reach them comfortably.
No sudden stops - or treacherous slices.
The scent keeps me in the game, without exaggerated ambition.

Soft ginger spices gently and sweetly fruity Maninka is added.
Lavender creates peace and relaxation.
The leather does not crack, but nestles pleasantly.

A considerate gentleman from crown to sole - with whom I would like to dare a match.
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0 Reviews
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Cut the head off! ;-)
In my nose the top note is the hammer! Because somehow green-sweet, one rarely smells, very original anyway. "Wow!" I thought (have a sample) ... for about 3-5 minutes, then the fragrance is unfortunately interchangeably sweet. Maybe it was deliberately produced that way: Spray Douglas on the cardboard strip, think "cool" and buy!?

I still don't find him as bad as The Scent is treated here! Boss Bottled and Hugo belong to my Twenties as well as Boss Soul and Dark Blue belong to my Thirties (bad, huh?!) ... Boss generally likes to be ripped off here, I have the feeling, and the more negative criticism there is, the more users naturally join!

Be that as it may: Also this forum here lives from its self-proclaimed influencers! ;-) But the tastes are different and that's a good thing, because otherwise there would be simplicity instead of variety. The Scent may be a soft and in the end unspectacularly sweet fragrance, but I don't like to resort to extremes that, despite a high rating, bore themselves into my nose like the exhaust fumes of a Vespa standing in front of me at a traffic light!

I don't want to get any unnecessary attention with my scent, but to smell good for myself and my girlfriend and not to stir up my office colleagues unnecessarily ;-) Nevertheless, if The Scent's top note were to last more than two or three hours, it would be one of my favourites. Does anybody have a tip for me?

At the end: Yes, a little arbitrary, sweet, trimmed to the standard autumn evening. But also not worse than some extremely expensive EDT, which is praised here over the "green clover", even if this makes itself frequently after the prelude from the dust! ;-)
7 Replies
6.0 6.0 7.0/10

94 Reviews
Orange-ness aroma with ginger/leather
This is a very simple scent, very straightforward nothing fancy, not sporty, not formal, just something for year-round when you're not serious about dressing up or dressing down or being taken serious.

The maninka fruit is something I've never come across so I'm guessing that is the orange- like aroma I detect.

The ginger adds to the lively aspect while the leather, which is barely noticeable, gives it a foundation.

Average life and projection.

If you can find it cheap then it might be worth a try or just send away for a vial/sample which is available at many websites.

100 Reviews
No climate of change at Boss
Hugo Boss have released their new masculine just in time for the COP21 Climate Summit.
Another way to avoid releasing noxious fumes into the environment...
10.0 7.5 7.5 7.5/10

15 Reviews
The Spirit...
I tested today (in Portugal). I liked.... Very much! It has character. Bold.
This is an excellent new fragrance from 'BOSS'. It has a scent with a familiar touch of the 80s, very similar, if the olfactory memory doesn’t betray me, with the discontinued 'BOSS Spirit'.
It will be a sales success.

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