Cannabis by Il Profvmo

Cannabis 2011

03.09.2015 - 11:56 AM

All Sizzle No Steak

If your are looking for anything remotely resemblant of marihuana, you won't find it in Cannabis.
Instead, the fragrance borrows from Jungle L'Éléphant with its attempt to pack a punch of spice into amber. Sweet spiciness is the common denominator but less radiant and beaming than Ropion achieved in his stunning creation. Cannabis is a blurred and greenish, slightly off-key variation on the theme that fails to follow through with it.
I believe Signora Casoli explored coumarin's sweetish note of new-mown hay. It conjures the scent of tobacco and, due to its caramel overtones, can be meld with vanillic constituents; here it's a subtly floral amber. And that is where Cannabis forfeits its initial streak of peculiar potpourri and gets lost in bland soapy-powdery amber – in my book a drydown as dull as dishwater.
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