Fleur de Bambù 2011

Fleur de Bambù by Il Profvmo
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7.6 / 1084 Ratings
Fleur de Bambù is a popular perfume by Il Profvmo for women and was released in 2011. The scent is fresh-green. It is being marketed by Valmont Group.
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Silvana Casoli

Fragrance Notes

Acantholippia deserticola Bamboo blossom Bamboo sprout Hedera canariensis MintMint CedarwoodCedarwood PatchouliPatchouli PoppyPoppy VanillaVanilla



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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 01.04.2022.
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Like rural Japan
FLEUR DE BAMBU is my first foray into the offerings of the house of Il Profvmo, which I have often wondered about but somehow never encountered. Guusjes was kind enough to send me a generous sample of this perfume, which I have now tested a couple of different times.

Initially I thought that I did not like FLEUR DE BAMBU, because it seems somewhat aquatic and therefore not really my kind of thing. However, after a couple tries, I have decided that this composition really is quite nice for what it is. Believe it or not, this creation evokes memories in my mind of rural Japan. The wet, glistening grass of rice paddies is the precise image before my mind's eye. The scent is both green and wet, so it's more like grass after a rain. Or rice paddies in rural Japan!

I'm not sure what bamboo is supposed to smell like, although I've certainly smelled bamboo sprouts while preparing or eating various kinds of cuisine. The watery, greenish quality of this perfume seems to match the pale yellowish-green of bamboo sprouts. There is also a watery floral facet to this perfume--probably the water lily and lotus listed among the notes.

Overall, this is still more aquatic than green to my nose, but it smells calm and serene rather than aggressive and angst-ridden, which is my typical reaction to calone-heavy aquatic fragrances. Probably if I overapplied FLEUR DE BAMBU, I'd experience those feelings again, but sparingly applied this is an appealing atmospheric scent.
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GorgiaGorgia 2 years ago
This is an green,creamy,aquatic, clean, fresh parfum with tender sweetness and cool notes.
Fleur de Bambu is verry relaxing and pretty scent
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