Tomato Leaf by Illuminum

Tomato Leaf

14.08.2017 - 02:40 PM
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Je ne sais quoi

I've never understood why this perfume doesn't get much love. I think it's gorgeous! Yes, it isn't extremely creative, quite simplistic I may say, but it smells divine. It really doesn't evolve, it is linear, but I've never considered this a bad thing in any perfume. I enjoy the same scent from spraying until last breath, instead of unpleasant surprises during wearing.
The name is a bit misleading in my opinion and I guess this is one of the reasons people are disappointed with this perfume. It renders a tomato leaf in a demure manner, instead of exploring the botanical profile of the plant. Tomato leaves are one of my favorite smells in the world. This being said, I've never felt underwhelmed with this perfume.
Like I've already said, it doesn't evolve, you get the same smell from start to finish and basically Tomato Leaf smells like sweet osmanthus and freesias, juicy ripe orange, tiny drop of musk and a green dry-ish accord that wraps all notes together. There is something in the base that smells similar to violets or violet leaves. Must be the carrot seeds. They are not earthy and raw, but more like starchy and sweet. And the thing that I find intriguing is the fact that, to me, this perfumes comes off almost like an aquatic.
It isn't grand dame or exuberant, but more of a Tres Chic! young lady who doesn't need artificial tricks to be considered beautiful. Her smile is her greatest asset.
It has good staying power and sillage, even in hot summer weather. It's very refreshing, pastel light yellowish-green in color.
Tomato Leaf is one of my most beloved perfumes and I treasure it like gold.
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