A City On Fire (2014)

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors
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A City On Fire is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for men and was released in 2014. The scent is smoky-woody. It is still in production.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Clearwood™, Dark berries, Cardamom, Labdanum, Nard oil, Burnt match, Prickly cedar



6.7 (61 Ratings)


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Only for Lovers of Avant Garde/Niche in the True Sense of the Word, Fragrances..
If you're into dumb reach frags, you'll hate this. If you think fragrances like: Hamdani, Guilty Absolute pour Homme, Tyrannosaurus Rex, L'Air du Désert Marocain, The Night, etc... are unwearable or are only to be appreciated and not worn; stay away from this. You will think the same.

However, if you ARE into those fragrances, then you'll absolutely fall head over heels for this composition.

It probably sounds crazy but, to me, this smells of a medicinal, black soap from a high end source. One i would definitely buy if there were one.

True to it's name, it smells of smoke, but it also has a subtle sweetness to it, attributed to the "dark berries" accord, no doubt. The cardamon helps to marry both the cade oil and the sweetness, creating one well blended composition. I'm not too familiar with the note of labdanum, but i do understand it can have a powdery sweetness to it and probably accentuates the smoky aspect of the composition, helping to make the fragrance a wearable "city on fire" and not a sad, municipal, accident.

Overall, if you like literal niche fragrances and want to project the avant garde type you are, you'll like this.

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Replica Vol. 2
My last replica comment dates from May 2018 and treated Gucci's "Guilty Absolute pour Homme", a floral-leathery fragrance that was still too strong for me at the time. In the meantime I got used to him and have to say that I see some areas of application and like to wear him from time to time.

Today there was a sample of "A City on Fire" with an order and I immediately had to think of my reaction to the Gucci fragrance at that time. Therefore a small comment on a fragrance that is very exceptional and special.

"A City on Fire" is a fragrance I've had on my watch list for a long time. Some YouTuber from the US recommend this fragrance and I must also say that I am very impressed by the aesthetics of the brand and the namings. On the website, the manufacturer describes the fragrance as a comic that resembles a film noir. Rupert, the matchmaker of a factory in the harbour district, and Frances, who writes dating columns, are both remote people and witness a murder. In an effort to clear their names, they join together in an unexpected duo of vigilante justice.

How it goes on one can probably think and the smell implies this also. The most prominent fragrance is smoke, smoke and smoke again. However, smoke can have different sources. Smoke from burnt wood smells different from paper and again different from rubber. The smoke you can find at A City on Fire is very woody. Further down a user also named incense and I can well imagine that. Now I think of the burning office of Frances, where the furniture and the newspaper of the next day are ablaze in flames. But what's that? Does that smell like...? Bacon? I just hope that Frances and Rupert made sure that the trainee from the 5th floor didn't slave away into the evening hours again...

But my description is different and I formed my own associations with the fragrance before I was allowed to read this interpretation:

Originally: Bulgarian Winter Roads
Provenance and Period: Kyustendil, 2006
Fragrance Description: Burning wood and clear snow
Style Description: ????

When I lived with my parents in Bulgaria and visited my family in Macedonia, we always drove the distance from Sofia to Skopje, which took about 3 hours by car. But as we have a smaller bladder as a child, we had to take a little pee break from time to time. I loved it most when those breaks were in the winter. It was freezing cold as the villages in the Kyustendil area were already snowed in, but the smell was unique. At first I always felt the smell of the snow, which is not really a smell, but fills the lungs with ice-cold air and lets it burn a little, similar to holding snow in your hands for too long. What was added now was the smell of burning wood, since in the villages on the Balkans very often wood is used for heating. This smell is very authentically recreated by A City on Fire in my opinion. A great masterpiece of art.

Unfortunately, this also leads to wearability, which I consider to be very bad. Maybe like Gucci's leather armchair my opinion will change after some time, but I can't imagine a situation where I wanted to smell like that. User Caligari said that many smoky fragrances often add another component to cover up the smoky more or less. Maybe that's what this scent needs. I can well imagine wanting to get a taste of him from time to time in the near future, but it will probably not happen that I will wear him extensively. I don't want my environment thinking there's a fire somewhere.
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5.0 8.0 3.5/10

130 Reviews
The Scent of a One-man Band
The first 30 minutes of A City on Fire is just a stryax solo, but then the smoke shows up, tickling the back of your throat. After 90 minutes, it enters cognac territory, Afterwards, it enters the slow fade, eventually ending up as an wisp of an amber skin scent. However, during the whole development stryax never goes away -- it remains present. That's a problem when this stryax is the cheap, aggro version that produces a discomfort approaching physical pain.

As for the other aspects of the scent -- no problems there. It lasts more than 13 hours. Projection is detectable, reaching the 6" range at its peak. I get the mental imagery Imaginary Authors is trying to summon here, but I feel like I've been through a fire, and that has taught me to hightail it out of this city.

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