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Bull's Blood is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is animal-earthy. It is still in production.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Costus root, Patchouli, Rose, Black musk, Bull's blood, Tobacco



4.7 (48 Ratings)


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Very helpful Review    5
Texas Chainsaw Wonderland
I have to admit that I have been itching my fingers for quite some time now to make my impression on this fragrance customer.
What expectations and even fears I had to test this perfume. Most of the statements here are really stored in such a way that one imagines that one is spraying the fragrant Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Blood, intestines, raw and rotten meat - what have I not read and heard about this scent. Not to mention the controversy that bull's blood is listed as an ingredient.

The disillusionment then came during the test: first of all I can say that I too join those who bet their butts that there is no real bull's blood in this scent. At this point a small excursus (unfortunately I don't know if this has been written here before): there is for example a not even so unpopular wine from Hungary called Taurus Blood. Likewise, even if a little more far-fetched than wine, there is a certain, actually blood-like (brown) red tone called ox blood.
And with the added knowledge that marketing has always relied on controversy, I perceive Bull's Blood as follows - and really don't want to go too far out on a limb or step on anyone's toes here. This comment is not an attempt to teach. It is my very subjective opinion about this perfume, its marketing strategy and my perception of the fragrance - also very subjective.

If you take away all this bloodlust, nothing remains but a fragrance in which Rose plays the leading role. It is underlined by some animalism, a few spices and a metallic-looking chord, which reminds us of iron with a lot of imagination and maybe is also responsible for the fact that - triggered by the idea of blood as an ingredient - you can also imagine something like the smell of blood. I write this consciously, because I personally smell neither blood, nor intestines, offal, rotten and/or raw meat and also no slaughterhouse (and only by the way, I grew up in the country and therefore I know how freshly slaughtered or even animal blood smells). I honestly don't even smell anything that would remind me of that kind of smell.
The smell itself is quite okay. The rose and the "metallic spice" go well together. However, I do not find it particularly exciting or multifaceted. The Sillage is quite meagre and the durability is probably the biggest shortcoming
Should I have been wrong with my smart-ass and there should be bull's blood in the truest sense of the word in this fragrance, I have just made a monkey out of myself, but I will admit it without hesitation. Beyond that, I find it distasteful if it is.
If at some point it turns out that it is a wine, a spice or something else, also called bull's blood, then hats off for the name and the marketing strategy. In the first case, both would be tasteless in my eyes, by the way.

Finally, I have to admit that I would actually be interested to know if the ratings, comments and statements would have been different if they had simply stated bull's ejaculate as an ingredient instead of bull's blood...
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300 Reviews
Circus came to my house, and I chased it away!
Absolute, pure dung to my nose. I spent endless hours at a stable when I was a child, just to be around horses even when I couldn't afford one myself. So there is a bit of nostalgia here. But even then I did not go to the stable just to stand by the manure pile.

Dogs do have better senses of smell than we do, so I took this one to the experts. My beloved pit bull, who was rescued from the muck of Hurricane Katrina and probably ate rats to survive, was too refined for this one. I held my wrist out to him, and he sniffed lightly, then showed the whites of his eyes and backed away. My shepherd girl, who is, alas, a coprophage, moved closer to me and started to lick my wrist. So, there you have it! The most positive review so far comes from a shit-eater!

After nearly a half-hour, I found that this scent was entirely occupying my thoughts. I couldn't get any work done because I couldn't escape the thought, "I smell like a manure pile!" I scrubbed my wrist, hard, with a scented salt scrub, changed clothes, and it came right back at me. I killed it off with a generous spray of Kokorico, figuring its dense patchouli could penetrate the shitpile forcefield, and it did.

I bought this sample from Silverfire. So, now this sample has been through two people and is still more than half-full! This reminds me of the 1 ml sample of ELDO Secretions Magnifique I bought some years ago. I think that it was ultimately split five ways. As the Brylcreem ads used to say, "A little dab'll do ya!"
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7.5 7.5 6.0/10

223 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
The day that the circus left town ...
It seems that circuses and bullfights have the same thing in common ... THEY STINK! I applied this fragrance with some trepidation having read its rather macho/violent back story on the Imaginary Authors website ... I was hoping that it might be saved by the Rose and Patchouli.

I was wrong. Firstly, this fragrance immediately took my nose back to being an excited kid ... the circus used to set up in an open area not a kilometer from my house. Oh the excitement!! ... and the smell! Sawdust, hay and animals is what I immediately get on application of this fragrance. It actually reminds me of some virulent Ouds that I have encountered ... the kind I call 'barnyard-y'. It's mothball-y too ... quite unpleasant (I tip my cap at you Silverfire, you are spot on!) but thankfully this eases up after the first 10 minutes or so.
Bull's Blood turns a little creamy after that ... but weirdly so, like milk spilled on hot sand. A simpering little Rose tries to peep out at this stage but is thoroughly trampled by a heavy, root-like note which I assume is Costus, having never encountered it before. This wet, earthy smell is no doubt further exacerbated by a very raw Patchouli and what feels like wet, green Tobacco. I'm not sure what all of this has to do with Bulls, except for the fact that a 'cow-pat' effect comes through every now and then ... like a churned up field, or stables in serious need of mucking out. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to smell like this.
That said, I am also not denouncing this fragrance as rubbish, because it isn't. There is a very clear and well thought out development here ... I'm just not interested in going in the direction it suggests. Bull's Blood is for the adventuresome ... it reminds me a little of some of the more bizarre releases by Etat Libre d'Orange.

Sillage and longevity are both above average ... I'm afraid I'm going to have to scrub. High marks for bringing something different to the table Mr.Meyer ... unfortunately it may be a little too different. It certainly is for me.
5 Replies
5.0 7.5 2.0/10

130 Reviews
Very helpful Review    8
Mr. Mothballs with a Urinal Puck in the Lounge
Bull's Blood goes on smelling like a low-class air freshener, the kind that you might find in a ghetto sled. (No, you can’t ask how I know that.) Within a few seconds, the unforgettable combination of mothballs and mint arrives. Actually, it’s mostly mothballs. The mint exists only as a mothball propellant, giving the scent a visceral punch. That’s the first ten-fifteen minutes.

Then the mint becomes menthol and amps up the mothball vibe, generating a sour smell like cleaning agent gone wrong. I’ve smelled something like it while shopping in a bargain grocery store once. By this time, I can imagine what Bull's Blood was supposed to be, which is a creamy, animalic, sweaty-fresh kind of deal, but it got lost along the way.

By two point five hours, it smells fresh and animalic, and it reminds me of urinal mints, rather distantly. This is a smell I could handle, but it’s not really gripping as an animalic nor really interesting or involving as something fresh. Three hours in, benzoin and a sweaty aroma join the party.

By hour six, it finally smells good – an animalic, spicy aroma, faintly urinal, sweet and musky. In this stage, it’s reminiscent of Cuir de’ Ottoman, however the silage is skin only, so it doesn’t have the lounge lizard vibe that cologne can give off. It’s more like you’re a lounge lizard on line, or only at home. By hour eight, Bull's Blood has begun its long kiss goodnight of a citrusy, urinal musk. Strangely enough, this is the best-smelling stage.

This is one for only thrill-seeking olfactionists. I can't imagine where or when you'd wear this, unless you have a little lounge lizard in you.
7 Replies

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