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Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors
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Cape Heartache is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Mountain fog, Douglas fir, Strawberry, Hemlock fir, Pine resin, Old growth, Vanilla leaf



7.3 (89 Ratings)


8.1 (72 Ratings)


7.3 (73 Ratings)


6.8 (68 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    4
No. 164 of the "I don't understand the hype" fragrances
The fairies in the forest whispered in my ear that this was one of THE autumn scents.
"Wonderful! Best thing you can spray on yourself in the fall. Try this one," said a good friend of mine.
Many a Youtuber, or the "influencers" known since 2018, literally get into orgasmic ecstasy when one pronounces the name "Cape Heartache" in the beginning.
"Absolutely gorgeous!"
"The best Fall scent out there!"
"This is the second bottle I've gone through."

Well, wait, wait Burli, I thought to myself, now pack your enthusiasm horses, which are stretched before the Hypetrain, immediately again. "Memoirs of a Trespasser" was a disappointment in itself. Skepticism was now the order of the day.
On the other hand, Robin Williams (may this genius rest in peace) meant 30 years ago - Carpe Diem. So what can go wrong?

Well. Many things, it seems to me.

If you spray on your colleagues, the promised strawberry note will immediately clap your face. But that's not a "Oh, I harvested my own strawberry plant - see how good the smell" strawberry note, but rather the "I just bought myself a bulk pack of cream strawberry candies for 0.80 euros" synthetic strawberry note The second major element of the fragrance is the imitation of a coniferous forest. This one is very well done and the real highlight here. Green, autumnal, a mixture of freshly crushed needles with a hint of forest soil.

But it becomes really problematic when these two components meet, because then it results in a cough syrup-esque structure. I once had an antibiotic when I was a kid that smelled the same. But when the wind blows from another direction and aerates the other nostril, it smells like bad strawberry yoghurt. This is the variety which is extended with wood chips and which contains the "real" strawberry pieces.

All in all, disappointment No. 2 is out of the house.
If you had put this strawberry boil back by 50% and concentrated more on the coniferous forest, yes, you would have created a wonderful creation. But like this? No, I'm good. Pfiat di and baba.

Tl;dr: Synthetic strawberry note as in strawberry sweets + cough syrup + bad strawberry yoghurt + a really good coniferous forest scent.
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7.0 10.0 6.5/10

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Helpful Review    5
A really beautiful forest scent
I smelled "Enchanted Forest" by Vagabond Prince and this fragrance in comparison today and had to say that although I liked the former much better in the long run, I had to admit that the picture of a forest was only taken at Cape Heartache. The sticky sweetness of the perfume is what spoils my pleasure in the long run (just as too much candy makes me sick after a while).
At the beginning you get a large portion of fir forest, herbs and resin, a light freshness. I really feel like I'm breathing in the essence of a fresh breeze blowing out of a coniferous forest. Above all this a fruity-sweet strawberry floats big and loud, which fades into the background after a short time and makes room for the forest.
Then the needle character remains dominant for quite a while until the strawberry returns after 2-3 hours, but this time not fresh, but rather like jam. And it'll stick forever... That's where it ends with me. After the promising start, the fragrance gets something annoying and after 4-5 hours I don't like to smell it anymore, because it gets too sweet, too much.
Cape Heartache is a fragrance for me that I would like to spray on paper once in a while so that I can enjoy the first half hour. What happens after that has no place on my skin. But because I like the beginning so much, I can't give it less than 6 points.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

32 Reviews
Balsamic, juicy,strawberry delight!
Sweet juicy strawberry entwined with the balasam of fir and pine meet hemlock and vanilla but not sickly so. Cedar creeps in giving it a woody base. It's very moreish, sweet but not toothachingly so. Dont overspray, longevity is excellent and silage is decent too.
5.0 5.0 10.0 8.0/10

58 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
Paul Bunyan loves Strawberry Shortcake
Philip Sava's second novel "Cape Heartache", as well, is even better than the first book "Memoirs of a Trespasser" in my opinion. Although both works here are well done, "Cape Heartache" is the more fascinating one for me because I absolutely don't love woody notes and everything too much resinous. But in this fragrance comes the resinous wood notes and a fruity strawberry note form a pleasant synergy. At first, it is still a bit too harsh for me, very green and resinous. As if you stand directly in a coniferous forest. But the fruity counterpart makes the scent much more pleasant and sweet. It compliments the woods well and I have never smelled woods in this kind of combination deliberately, so I'm pleasantly surprised that even I enjoy a woody fragrance this time around. The fruitiness gives the fragrance a pleasant warmth and makes it a bit brighter than the rather dark "Memoirs of a Trespasser".
The theme of the novel is again a love story. Sava's novels are based on his own travels and deals with his relationship to an Indian tribe woman with whom he lived for some time in a self-built log cabin in the woods to find new inspiration, separated from his common environment. You can also see it as a kind of therapy because his family probably did not agree with the relationship and so he was looking for a quiet retreat. He was also feeling very well, but when the love broke up, he was so deeply affected that he left behind a part of his heart in that cabin in the woods.

For me, "Cape Heartache" symbolizes the life of a woodcutter in the forest with the green scent of resinous trees. Due to the scenario I had to think of the American lumberjack legend Paul Bunyan, the symbol of the profession with a plaid shirt and dungarees, so to speak. In the summer he worked permanently in the forest to procure enough wood for the winter. And the strawberry shortcakes, which Paul ate with pleasure and shared with his ox, were brought to him by his lover almost every day into the forest, while she waited patiently for his return to spend the winter months with him together again.

57 Reviews
Strawberries and pine, nothing special
Basically, as others have said, Cape Heartache is a simple fragrance of strawberries and pine. I think it might have been nicer with a little nutmeg, or something, added, to give it more of a base. But as it is, I must admit there’s nothing really bad about it, but it’s not anything special, either. Ironically, there’s nothing “heartache” about it because it seems like a happy scent to me. But I still feel like I’m wearing a paper pine tree air freshener (with strawberries), but, so far, no complaints from anybody around me. Cape Heartache leans more towards feminine than masculine.


Cumhranfear 147 days ago
Beautiful sweet peat smoke in winter! No, turns out it's fir and strawberry. Still, squint with your nose and you're in the west of Ireland.+2
Itchynose 11 months ago
Strawberries and mountain fog in a coniferous forest. Smokey, fruity, woody and sweet, a pleasantly artistic perfume.
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