Every Storm A Serenade (2015)

Every Storm A Serenade by Imaginary Authors
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Every Storm A Serenade is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is aquatic-green. It is still in production.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Ambergris, Calone, Danish spruce, Eucalyptus, Sea mist, Vetiver



7.1 (46 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    18
Local recreation in Esbjerg
No sea cucumbers in the water. Only nature in the overwhelmed sense. This is the most sterile industrial port I've ever seen. Here was chemically processed.
Chlorine. Adhesive. Vetiver substitute (the nutty, canisterwise). All things may work against algae. Nevertheless, some driftwood floats in the harbour basin, where several aroma trees (the green ones) are stapled. And a bouquet of roses. Do you want to fill the flavoured harbour water into a spray dispenser, which is standing here at the pier in front of me, and press it on the people passing by as a business idea? Pft, pft... A refreshing idea. In summer, when you want to combat the onset of sweating immediately after showering, you glue the glands together. Outside the periphery of the scented area, the whole person smells more and more unwashed in the course of the day. That's a nice contrast that you can take to the extreme thanks to such an artificial perfume. The spatial effect is, thank God, strong, so that the smell of the own fish is covered without any problems.
Whatever floats from the fish remains on the surface can be collected and disposed of by the next cutter. The harbor workers who hurry along immediately use Co2 dry ice fire extinguishers to combat the resulting water and skin impurities. There's coastal fog at the booth. It warms and invites contemplation. A port where the fish disappear. Here in Esbjerg people do not seem to regret the lack of large container ships.
I feel like a tadpole on shore leave. How one could afford such an unused port, I ask one of the workers. Tourism, he answers concisely. With a sigh on my lips, I lose myself in the vastness of a seamless horizon. And the foggy spray dims the mercilessly radiating sun once again on the bearable.
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7.0 9.0 8.0/10

126 Reviews
A Tale of the Sea
I've always wanted to enjoy a scent by Imaginary Authors but I have been denied, because they just didn't work on my skin. Their approach of crafting story-telling scents captured my heart, but this scent will be the first to capture my wallet.

Every Storm... begins with aqueous cedar and a smattering of something sweet and stays that way for quite a while. The effect is light, warm, masculine-leaning. By hour six, it takes a beachy direction, the arid/lonely scent of Dune (for men). It fits with the story and it's not all-encompassing as it was with Dune, which struck me as bleak and a bit depressing. By hour eight, it fades out with the tide, as a warm welcoming skin musk.

I like this. It's wistful, even a little melancholy without being isolating or hopeless. Its notes combine in novel ways to tell a story.

Full bottle worthy.
5.0 7.0 10.0 6.0/10

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Helpful Review    3
Drowned Passion - Second Act
Every Storm A Serenade feels like a sister novel to Falling Into The Sea. Probably due to the similar themes and love stories of the respective protagonists. But this novel has a dark mood and plays at a different time of the year and in a different place. The fragrance embodies impressively and close to reality the rough sea and its bitter, cool freshness. There is a very specific scent of roaring seawater in the air mixed with the lush green of the Danish fir forests. A large area of ??old trees, which lies near a cliff with observation point. The scent of the sea can be noticed already deep in the forest, attracting the wanderers more or less magically and lures them to the cliffs. A special kind of magic that many people have fallen for and has left them staring at the sea for hours.

Niels Bjerregaard tells the story of Stina, a budding writer looking for inspiration for her first novel. For that purpose she wants to seclude herself in the summer house of her mother. On her trip she meets the fisherman Ulv, who immediately draws her into his spell. The encounter results in a writer's block because Stina's thoughts initially revolve only around Ulv. She is fascinated by his charm and his closeness to the sea. That day, she spent a few hours with him on the cliff, falling in love with him and the sea. The next day he set off on a new voyage, which he probably never came back from. Although Stina returned several times to the west of Denmark, she never saw Ulv again. Many months later, one day, she stood alone on the cliffs, looking out on the sea and, despite her sadness, suddenly found access to her novel, which she was finally able to complete and, understandably, dedicated to Ulv.


Starscream 16 months ago
I didn't like the scent the first time I tried it. The more I use my sample, the more i liked it.+1

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