L'Orchidée Terrible (2012)

L'Orchidée Terrible by Imaginary Authors
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L'Orchidée Terrible is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is synthetic-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Aldehydes, Honey, Lily-of-the-valley, Orchid, Satin, White musk



4.9 (14 Ratings)


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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 30.12.2016
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Injured by the impact of a bejewelled cell-phone
A tantrum can be fun to watch. Give me somebody really good looking, with a strong sense of drama ( from Tyra Banks to Vivien Leigh, or my boyfriend, look no further) a safety distance and popcorn, and i will be a happy, entertained man. Maybe thats the reason i dont find L´Orchidee Terrible as bad as others seem to! Although what they say about her it is all true: it can be screechy and synthetic. But as Franfan says, that´s the terrible part, we cannot say we weren´t warned. The literature-inspired Imaginary Authors collection can be extremely literal, word for word. And i think that is the beauty of this brand, it verges on the Demeteresque experience, since you really smell asphalt and month of may, but it is somehow poetic, and fun. I don´t know if it is the right approach, when writing a review, trying to "get" the perfume, putting aside personal preferences... i don´t do that always. Sometimes, specially if the fragance is supported by trillions of followers, i have no mercy. I rarely bother to review a fragance i don´t like or doesn´t make me feel "something". But in this case, i have to say, i do get this terrible orchid, and , why not? I like it.

It has very lady-like elements, expressed in a kind of unisex and aggressive way, which is surprising and different, it could be an Etat Libre D´Orange creation. Synthetic, yes: hairspray, nail varnish, aldehyde fumes, once you are older than 15, there is no such thing as "natural beauty" after all...
It fits a bipolar model, with anger management issues and a criminal record, following the steps of Mrs Campbell. I have to say, the scary, crazy part of L´Orchidee calms down. After you barely dodged the heavy crystal ashtray she threw directly to your head, she recomposes, and will look, again, like Naomi politely seated in that court at The Hague, saying she didn´t know they were blood diamonds. Then we basically have an acidic, high pitched vanilla orchid, heavy on the aldehydes, not extremely sweet, over a super-clean musk, that, yes, is so clean is fresh. Like new clothes. It gets smoother and close to the skin.

Quite frankly, I have smelled way worse things. So, to sum up, give her 30 minutes to have her tantrum, and you have a silky, discreet fragance. My only problem, too close to the skin, but i had fun.
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Unmanagable beauty
"L'Orchidée Terrible" is the story of Honey Martine, an english girl who gets discovered by a fashion designer while on vacation in Paris and enters the modeling scene shortly after. The novel is the work of fictional author Audrey Blavot who loved orchids. She was fascinated by their beauty. The vanilla orchid in specific is the model for the character of Honey Martine and the novel. Therefore the scent is quite gourmand, but not really sweet, rather highly citrusy. Just like "The Soft Lawn" the scent is a bit different to what one might expect when looking at the notes only. To me the scent has a very prominent aldehydic note that presents itself as highly synthetic and itchy to the nose. Together with a poriton of vanilla orchid and honey the scent turns into a citric gourmand that reminds me once again of Profumum Roma's "Dulcis in Fundo". On the whole it's no bad scent, but based on the scratchiness rather unwearable for sensitive noses as mine. But then again this is the "terrible" part of the fragrance. Audrey Blavot was known for her allures and rumor has it her own life partially inspired the character of Honey Martine. So the novel could be semi-autobiographic. It's a scent for confident woman who love to attention they get when they are the center of the party. The tragic turn in the story of Honey Martine arrives when she loses her soul to the fashion world. Debauched by the fame the once lovely orchid turned into an unmanagable beauty with an infamous reputation.
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