Violet Disguise (2012)

Violet Disguise by Imaginary Authors
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Violet Disguise is a perfume by Imaginary Authors for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-fruity. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Josh Meyer

Fragrance Notes

Air accord, Amber, Balsam, Plum, Dry fruits, Violet



5.6 (29 Ratings)


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6.5 (31 Ratings)
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84 Reviews
Month of may (and evening air)
Well, i am another one who can join in the bunch of skeptics when i read such ingredients as month of may or evening air. Honestly, it sounds like something a fairy godmother would enumerate on a Disney movie song while she is casting a spell surrounded by helping animals. It is cute, but it is hard to be taken seriously. Smelling Violet Disguise i have to say that such terms are not only appropriate but also accuarte, since this fragance has a highly "atmospheric" quality that strongly recalls the coolness of Jean Claude Ellena´s musks and unlit incense of eau de gentiane blanche.
Chilly, minty air, almost electric, and some sort of breezy, non-descript flowery but maybe dandelions, spring-like thing going on... all that without smelling like an air-freshener! It is Beautiful.

The violet is not very noticeable in the beginning, is all about the month of may. Of course it is there in the background, assisted with a slightly savoury, slightly smoked gourmand note that reminds me of guaiac wood, but again, there is not guaiac listed, so i assume is the dry fruits. I like it because it is mysterious and earth-bounded and goes in another direction than the evening zephyrs.

After a while, the refreshing airy notes comes back and forth, but are not always there; then we have more or less what i expected from Violet Disguise a priori. That is, something a bit more autumnal, but not that much. Plum mingles with the savoury, dry note of Decay i mentioned earlier. The flowers are a bit dizzy, aldehydic, ethereal. I have only smelled De Profundis once, but it gave me the same feeling. To my nose, the violet is not sweet nor specially prominent (maybe thats why you like it Coutureguru ;) ) and that is ok, because a disguise is more about looking like a flower than smelling like it.

My first contact with the Imaginary Authors cannot be more positive. I have a taste for strange. My veredict is, bottle worthy (despite i hate the label), although not for a blind purchase (specially if you expect some sort of violet soliflore)
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It's humble pie time again :) ...
I sometimes babble on incessantly about not liking certain notes in perfumery when what I should be doing is shutting my mouth and letting my nose do the talking ... !?!? ... or investigating :). A note that hasn't had much happiness from me is Violet ... Josh Meyer has changed that with Violet Disguise!

A little bit of research into the creator of Imaginary Authors ( provides a wealth of information about this perfumer's aesthetic, especially about the way he conjures up names for the way things smell.
When I look at a pyramid of notes and see things like 'evening air' and 'month of May' my immediate reaction is one of incredulity. I forget that most people don't have the interest in fragrance that I do and that to throw something like 'Ozone' at them would be pointless. Calling it 'Evening Air', however, immediately draws a connotation to something most of us have actually experienced. Rather clever really ...
Now, the Violet note in this fragrance is nothing like the overly sweet and sometimes too pungent fragrances I have experienced. There is a touch of powder here, but it is kept in check by a balsamic note rendering it a little more acidic. Fruit (another bugbear of mine) is also present in this fragrance, but in dried form. One would think that this addition would cause a cake-like effect, but it doesn't ... more so a withered effect which is highly pleasing to my nose ... like a bowlful of raisins, sweet, but tart too.
A certain green quality is also evident in Violet Disguise, making it a fresh and comfortable wear. Longevity and sillage are both excellent.

All in all, I am excited by the fact that I have found a Violet fragrance that I like. This one is definitely full bottle worthy!
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