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Interesting Facts

The perfume brand Indult Paris is a small house with only four fragrances.

The name Indult emphasizes the exclusivity and philosophy of luxury of this brand.

The history of the house is determined by two men for whom perfume is art and passion.

The first is the internationally renowned master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who launched the Indult perfume house in 2006 with four fragrances.
The second is Kim Christopher Charles, who considered it a dream come true when he was able to crown his enthusiasm for perfume with the purchase of the Indult brand.
Both focus on the art of perfumery, not budgets and marketing strategies. Fragrances are produced in small margins, and distributors are carefully selected. Indult is a success when the perfumes make people smile and offer them an exceptional fragrance experience.

But from the beginning:

Born in Paris in 1969, Francis Kurkdjian played piano and practiced classical ballet until he decided to pursue a career as a perfumer at the age of 15. After graduating from the ISIPCA Fragrance University, Francis Kurkdjian created the globally successful perfume Le Mâle for Jean Paul Gaultier at the age of 25. And after that, more than 150 other fragrances for many well-known brands such as Guerlain. But he was disappointed that he did not influence the name of the perfume, the design of the bottles, and the marketing. So he came up with the idea of founding his fragrance label: Indult.

At the market launch in 2006, it was a privilege to get one of the fragrances. The total production was limited to 999 bottles of each fragrance. Only those who got hold of one of them could register as a customer and refill it from Indult. There were no samples, and the perfumes were delivered in elaborate jewelry boxes made of rosewood.

The concept of extreme exclusivity did not work out, and over the next few years, it became quieter and quieter around the Indult perfume house. In 2010, when Francis Kurkdjian's next creation went on the market, the famous Maison Francis Kurkdjian house, the perfumer told Kim Charles at the opening about the end for the Indult brand. That same night, Kim Charles decided to buy the brand and relaunch it. He acquired the rights to the formulas and relaunched Indult's fragrances in 2013 in the original 2006 versions - a rare event in this industry.

The limitations were removed, and the bottles and outer packaging were made simpler. However, the perfumes are still only available in selected niche perfumeries and online.

Since its inception, Indult Paris' collection has included the four fragrances Tihota, Manakara, Rêve en Cuir, and Isvaraya. The most famous fragrance is Tihota - a perfume particularly appreciated by vanilla connoisseurs for its authenticity. All four fragrances hold the secret of precious natural raw materials as well as the tradition of perfume making.

This accounts for their distinguished quality - and their price.
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