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Divine Attraction by Initio
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Divine Attraction is a perfume by Initio for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is smoky-woody. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Mechanic's shop
Oh boy. This is a novel one to say the least, but I don't mean that in a pejorative way.

Divine Attraction is straight-up, heavy duty industrial grease and coarse leather. That's it. Nothing else. Brings to mind images of a mechanic's shop... dirty, oily coveralls.... somewhere nearby there are gas tanks for welding purposes.

This stuff is gritty, dark, manly. For those of you who aren't afraid to get your hands dirty.
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a long worn motorcycle leathersuit
Dark, quite coarse leather, which was probably worn for some time: "Divine Attraction" reminds me not only in the first moment.
Loved leather combinations by the riders of heavy machines do not only experience one season. Unless they have to "erase" the asphalt several times or belong e.g. to Jorge Lorenzo or the almost legendary Valentino Rossi with his "yellow number 46".
This is how these strong, also safety-giving garments smell not only of leather but also of sweat for many hours, during which they have accompanied their wearer over countless kilometres.
So be it and: who likes it, likes it!
I still remember the time when I worked for BMW Motorradwerke here in Berlin-Spandau for some time.
There were many great and expensive machines on the employee parking lots, which instilled respect in me by their size alone.
The head of the department there of course also came on days when the weather allowed it, with one of these many horsepower-strong powerhouses.
He had left his office suit in the closet; he changed the outfit: it then moved into his wardrobe, which he - fortunately for me - only used on his own.
(Because in the beginning I was "allowed" to share the cabinet with the rubber boots of the head of the plant fire brigade; but only for a short time. Then a dear colleague was at my disposal.)
Because in contrast to a colleague, who enthusiastically sucked in the smell of this leather suit through wide open "nostrils", I wasn't quite taken with it.
All this was and is a bit too rough for me, too much - yes, certainly also "too masculine"!
At that time the advertising also showed us how a "real guy" should appear and often smell.
I like it a little more cultivated and finer
This memory flooded me during my first encounter with Initios "Divine Attraction".
It's a little too much leather for me. That dominates unchallenged!
My always very welcome incense fights together with strong spicy cedar wood and a good portion of vetiver for attention.
To stay in motorsport: here raged "the Battle for the Second Place"!
According to my sensory perception, there are three "second places" here!
The fight against this mighty opponent has worn them down, and all three nuances rub each other out in such a way that their strengths fall a bit by the wayside. Too bad!
Ginger, always a bit biting for me, takes the side of the winner here.
So this already strong leather sweat note is also spiced up on the ginger side!
(In ignorance of Iso-E-Super - I promise, I will inform myself - I don't know now who or what is still mixed in there!)

My conclusion:
"Divine Attraction" is a very well composed, extremely unconventional fragrance that will probably attract a lot of attention to its wearer.
For me as a dainty, light blonde and very feminine woman this fragrance is not suitable at all. I feel overwhelmed or downright patronized!
If I close my statement with "disturbingly sexy", I guess I will personally hit the nail on the head.
Here I meet a mighty, for my feeling maybe even a bit violent scent, which I have nothing to oppose - I am literally run over (to stay with the picture).
This shows also the very long durability: I can not escape this smell; he is a "stapler" and still present after hours.
A feature that I don't appreciate that much here: it's just too affectionate for me.
The content of this black, a little bit masculine flacon is a very nice thing: if you find here two that fit together, it can become a great and exciting acquaintance.

It always takes a little overcoming to step into the ring after Meggi with his great and witty comments.
Now he has given me a bottle of this "divine attraction"; knowing full well that I am currently on a great fragrance voyage of discovery, shying away from few challenges.
So it is a matter of course for me, as a small thank you, to present my personal impressions here.
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Not so long ago, remember about just ten years ago, count all the "niche" brands you knew back in days. Perfume industry is invaded by many unethical people whose number are dramatically increasing like zombies. The concepts are silly, the bottle designs are ridiculously replica of others... This is inevitable unfortunate life of perfume industry. Initio, has anybody asked where they originates? France?! Sure, call them. I'm even afraid if they can speak French.

Divine Attraction!? The title is in contrary to the smell. A dark, burning leather smell, nasty unwashed skin-like smell that tries to attract with ugliness! No boy, you totally misunderstood the trend. Those hardcore smoky perfumes you try to replicate has something you don't even considered: aesthetics.
Save your money and respect yourself.
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MrLimuzinMrLimuzin 1 year ago
A intriguing departure from typical "perfumey" norms :)
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