L'Eau Majeure d'Issey (2017)

L'Eau Majeure d'Issey by Issey Miyake
Bottle Design: Todd Bracher
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L'Eau Majeure d'Issey is a perfume by Issey Miyake for men and was released in 2017. The scent is synthetic-aquatic. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.

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Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Grapefruit
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmbergris
Base Notes Base NotesCashmeran



5.4 (117 Ratings)


7.1 (95 Ratings)


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7.2 (101 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 14.08.2019
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7.0 7.0 7.0 4.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    17
L'Eau Majeure = Le Malheur !
Is this gonna be a fuckup? Yes, unfortunately :) but begins harmlessly, because my first impression at the airport: "Opens fresh, citric, bitter and spicy. Something from Bvlgaris Amara, quite woody, but not too aquatic. Great..."

A little in a hurry, and whoops, ... bought.

And that was the error :-/

Maybe I can still win him something good before I really get going, because I'm actually a cheerful nature :D

Hmmm, uh, uh, yeah, let's see. Hüstl, snort, ...

A beautiful bottle.

And that's it, then. Oh, no ... there's something else, namely a strong H & S, as well as a rather linear scent, which usually pleases me very much. But that's exactly what will be the downfall of this Flanker. Because a good change would have been more than right for me with this synthetic liquorice plörre.

*KGTM: H:e:y, h:e:y, i:m:m:e:r f:r:e:u:n:d:l:i:c:h b:l:e:i:b:e:n.

??? What are you doing here?
KGTM: N:a, e:t:w:a:s P:o:s:i:t:i:v:e:s b:e:i:t:r:a:g:e:n, w:i:e i:m:m:e:r.

All right.

KGTM: D:a:n:n e:r:z:ä:h:l d:o:c:h m:a:l, w:i:e e:s w:i:r:k:l:i:c:h w:a:r.

All right... there was someone else there. 'A young woman ...

KGTM: U:n:d?

Well, I admit she may have tempted me a little to buy that plastic stinker.

KGTM: M:e:h:r D:e:t:a:i:l:s b:i:t:t:e, w:i:r s:i:n:d g:e:s:p:a:n:n:t.

Well, I was in England with an employee for training purposes, ...

KGTM: ... S:o h:i:e:ß e:s.

??? Man, that could be my daughter, that was just business!

KGTM: W:i:r:d i:m:m:e:r b:e:s:s:e:r.

But that's true.

Tested on her left arm Prada L'Homme and on her right arm L'Eau Majeure, she said (just like me) that the Issey Miyake smells better, fresher, more distinctive and more masculine. That's right, but it's also zero problemo to stand with almost every scent against such a powder puff :)like Prada's L'Homme his man.

KGTM: W:o:m:i:t w:i:r w:i:e:d:e:r b:e:i:m T:h:e:m:a w:ä:e:n.

Very funny ...

Well, I'll make it short and sweet: after 92 ratings still the grade 5.4 doesn't exactly speak for this fragrance, and so many users can't be wrong. But I had to hold out against it spontaneously and buy the stuff ... An unforgivable grip into the airport toilet. Because even though Basti still got the curve in his commi, he describes this shrill Myake soup very aptly as initially "synthetic-nerving and penetrating". But while he found the EDT out to the rear better, I couldn't make friends with his stuffy-sweet artificial woodiness for more than eight hours. And so this sticky penetranzler already ended after a few weeks in the eBay auction.

KGTM: U:n:d?

So what? The young employee could still be my daughter! And if you're joking about her mother, ... no I would not have had the slightest chance with this Flanker ;-) Because to say it with Wikipedia, this would be a "misfortune that puts the person concerned in an embarrassing situation". I told you,

L'Eau Majeure = Le Malheur !


*KGTM = Little Green Telepathic Male. An alien that occasionally provides positive compensation for Fresh21 (see also last blogs:)
6 Replies
6.0 7.0 7.0 6.0/10

137 Reviews
Another perfume more in the style of Invictus
This perfume is another one of those that get on Calone's car in excess, I have been using it these days and the description of the aroma is very simple, Calone + Ambroxan and a citrus twist for the exit, ready, there is no more, ¡¡¡Eye !! That this does not mean that it smells bad, which is not the case, but we find a simple and pleasant perfume without more, and like many others that flood the market.

The resemblance to Invictus is evident, a youthful aroma, sweet, marine and fresh, bordering on linearity, but very much of the current taste in designer perfumery. Mr. Issey has not complicated his life, and he has signed up to massive sales.

The performance is good, about 7 hours on skin, with a moderate projection at all times. The use, as it can not be otherwise, is for warm and temperate times and preferably for daytime use.

If you like this type of aromas, go ahead, it's a nice fragrance, but if you're already tired of so much perfume similar to Invictus, do not approach, because it's more of the same.

Sorry for my bad english.
10.0 6.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    10
I had a good feeling about it. Andreas Möller
When I first applied it, I thought of a top floppy. Then read the bad ratings and also switched to the not at all mode.
After three months in a perfumery chain, or almost already a museum, since I order everything actually only still on-line, seen and tried again and felt for very pleasant He recalls Blue Dylan, which was probably an answer to the many new aquatics with Ambroxan at the time.
Next to the iris-hype the aquatic wave, which was already there 25 years ago, is here again. Only sweeter, fresher and mostly composed with seasoning or wood.
This majeure is right for days with over 30 degrees.
No one controls the freshness and spice so well at the moment. There is only Fresh or Spicy, both can be suitably brought this well. The performance is also quite pleasant and strong.

There was a Lanvin about ten years ago which was similar in appearance, but much, much stronger.
Today there are only night or intense names for the more dominant fragrances, which were not nearly as strong as a classic Fougere from the eighties.

For a feel-good evening with the right companion or in the office.
There is no situation, which does not fit to this smell. On the one hand this is good, on the other hand it is a small shortcoming if one compares the current aquatic king with Fougereakzent Dylan Blue. He's even more sophisticated and perfect
Nevertheless a good attempt to get out of the same and almost indistinguishable Nuit series. There are too many of these bottles which do not differ optically any more and one does not know after the handle in the shelf any more, which one actually tested now.

Despite all the prophecies of doom I had a good feeling like Andi.


Hermesh 21 months ago
Fresh start is interesting, but it only lasts a few seconds. Then, ambery-aquatic-sweetish synthetic hodgepodge takes completely over.+2

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