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Nin-Shar by Jul et Mad
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Nin-Shar is a popular perfume by Jul et Mad for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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In the first breath of mail
Like when you
you would have decided
to follow May,
its lightness
and green enchantment.

To refuse it,
that they'll give you >br /> all monkeys,
in good faith
on the elfin shoulders
has set;
you press
and are heavy,
way too heavy.

And they're not yours
To be recognized,
that the faltering,
and rattling
old carousel
from musty
and old times,
never on your
Never would have
should stand.

Because it's not your fair It's not your carousel
Or also:
the tears,
the grief,
the unfulfilled and bittersweet,
the unrequited,
that which begins with:
"Awful, have you
actually already
heard that..."
the vainly longing
and never taking place,
never found,
the only thing thought of,
which is often negated,
the "Let's do it tomorrow",
the "there's always time for that",
the "take it easy",
the "must you endure",
the timid,
Hesitation and

...but each other /br /> turn to this,
which is also,

Also is,
or could be:

the sweet melancholy,
when Big Thief
"Love in mine"
in these
and so
Namely also
the last one,
almost too sweet
Sip of maybowl
in a

The very soft fur,
a small
tabby cat,
just a few weeks old,
in your hand


velvet raindrops,
in the warm,
almost sultry,
first mail air
And bathe you
The eternal,
golden crown
on your head,
their sparkle and glitter.

Your silver and gold
The whole round dance
inner peace,
that was slumbering inside of you all this time already.
And your decision,
now also
to sing.

And all of them staring,
that are around you,
the good will,
simple mind,
or pure of heart.

in your little world,
where you're
you got into the habit of
you in the morning already
to confess love
and all of them,
where you have it
missed so far.

This much
to catch up !

And it then,
ma staunen,
a hundred times
get back.

A beauty
the language,
which, carefully
coming from the heart,
is healing
and preserving.

Who tells of whole worlds,
of known and those,
that lie in eternity.
At least.

The force,
who is in everything,
that animates
and enchanted.
And amazement makes
and the heart short
from the beat.
That sensual is
and fulfilling.

Sensual like a good,
better yet: very good scent.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />

Nin-shar is a
exceedingly sovereign
and proud roseflower wood scent,
from the lushest gardens
of good will
and the great love.
The color fits exactly.
Rotor gold plating...
To fall in love beautiful.


So much to catch up on.
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Nin Shar a 3D Rose Fragrance
Part of the Jul et Mad collection “Les White “ Nin-Shar is supposed to capture the splendor of Babylon’s Hanging Gardens using a very popular accord – rose/oud, that these days is a crowd pleaser. It can’t go wrong with this accord, it’s on the safe side but in the same time there is nothing spectacular, nothing new I thought while reading about it on Jul et Mad website. I had the chance to try first from Les White the wonderful Garuda which is by far my favorite.

My expectations were around the rose, thinking that I’ll get everything from the blossom to the roots and wondering about oud and about that “fraction” patchouli. I didn’t take seriously into consideration davana note from the opening thinking that it might bring a fruity note to the composition but reading about this perfume and the way it opens on the skin are two different stories and the reality is far from “rose/oud” cliche.

Nin-Shar has a powerful start, I had the feeling that all the notes from the first one, except bergamot which I couldn’t detect it, to those in the base want to burst out, struggling to get some air. You can get the same olfactory experience when you turn upside down on the kitchen table a bag full of spices, rose petals, incense, vanilla pods and wood near an open jar full of rose jam and a glass of red wine. Soon everything calms down and the rose starts its solo.

This rose is miles away from Kilian’s Rose Oud teritorry, it’s melted in davana oil and it looks like this combination gave superpower to the rose note, it’s big ,volatile with new dimensions.. It’s like an olfactory 3 D image of a rose from roots to the flowers made of dark red velvet petals full of sparkling red wine drops but a changing image. This rose note does not evolve too much on the skin but it changes, returning to the starting point: I get a dark rose, earthy and animalic with an boozy echo reminding of red wine which slowly turns in a pink syrupy rose water for some time then gets back to the dark rose. While wearing it for a few days I had the feeling that in some days the dark rose was with me, in other days the rose water syrup.

On other people skin Nin-Shar smells different, probably due to davana essence which, beside the sweet fruity note, when applied on the skin, is said to smell differently on different persons. This peculiar property is highly valued in perfumery to create fragrances with truly individual notes.

The oud in Nin-Shar is a soft one, done in the same style like the oud representation in Neela Vermeire’s Mohur , those that are not happy with loud, harsh oud notes can easily give a try to Nin-Shar. That “fraction patchouli” listed in the composition is a patchouli note without the cold camphorous smell but more animalic , keeping a good portion of the earthy character of patchouli and the overall effect is maintaining the dark side of the rose, reminder of the roots.

Nin-Shar fully succeeded to be different in the rose/oud crowd due to its unusual rose. Definitely is a must try for those who are fans of rose perfume in the quest for a different rose and can be an interesting and original for oud perfumes fans but definitely this fragrance is not for blind buying.
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An ode to roses
This perfume sure is an ode to roses. Picture this: A young woman is sitting in her reading nook, curled up, with a book in her hands. On the table near her, there is a lush bouquet of roses, tied with a purple ribbon. In her right hand, she hold a glass of liquor and sipps slowly, as the words settle in her thoughts. If you look at her now, she seems so mature, but if you take a peek at the book's cover, you'll be surprised to discover that she's reading fairytales.

This is how Nin Shar is. A perfume between innocence and maturity. It may look simple, but it is yet so deep.
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HermeshHermesh 7 years ago
Roses, opulent and dense (but not viscous). The sweetness is also pleasant (because of minimal background tartness). Nice!
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