Secrets du Paradis Rouge 2016

Secrets du Paradis Rouge by Jul et Mad
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Secrets du Paradis Rouge is a perfume by Jul et Mad for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still in production.
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Luca Maffei

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesDavana, Clove, Mandarin orange, Moroccan neroli, Orange zest
Heart Notes Heart NotesDamask rose, Beeswax, Almond, Orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Benzoin, Musk, Indonesian patchouli, Timbersilk™, Vanilla, Tonka bean



7.5 (55 Ratings)


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8.0 (54 Ratings)
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Very helpful Review    13  
"Also: firefly-bright silver-gold turquoise yellow."
Like if you now
would have agreed to it,
the synodal path
to go along with it for a while,
after long hesitation,
Back and forth
That sounds cool for now,
once you understand,
what it's about,
you think - and educated.

they'll get you
again and again sooo easy
with any
threadbare arguments
and you like to be
pretend an X for a U.

You don't even know which equipment
it for this,
Needs such a way.

And, actually,
you know,
like many other things,
also still not so exact,
what is meant by that at all.

Is it about a
new relaxation technique,
a hiking route
for the more mature youth,
a chummy
"Now - we - are - all - retirees - gone"
once through the Ruhr area
and back again,
or is with it
meant a pair of shoes?

Finally there are also sandals:
only, is there a sandal way?

There's a buzzing in the head -
you're prone to nonsense very simple,
not to say
to silliness -
a slight dizziness comes on,
and your ears are whistling.

how and where
that drive thoughts sometimes.

Have you seen yourself? no longer under control,
or is it maybe even like this,
that you are on a path
to wisdom?
Just, would you
because not someone warn
and let me know:
"Attention, Your Excellency they now exceed
the 70 percent mark -
they are very close,
They start from the inside already
to shine:

in "glowworm light silver golden turquoise yellow"

Questions upon questions,
and the right one is -
as always -
not included yet.

You open
the top shirt button,
ask, "are you warm too?",
and the circus jacket has long since been
deposited, sweaty
and crumpled up
on the balcony,
next to the hamster cage,
the little rascal froze to death
( last night we had minus three degrees -
at this hour...
imagine that! )

Oh, man Why is the world so complicated...

...because, for example, you still don't know
why Harald Schmidt
has not long since become Federal President,

one and the same actor at the same time
Can be a country doctor and mountain rescuer
( does he have a twin? )

why there are neither night trains
nor which gives to nowhere

why many live in the fast lane,
when they don't have a car

why we should deliver,
although none
has ordered something exact

or "take off", although we actually
wanted to be left alone

why it is not punishable,
to fade out a film before the end of the credits

why still no successor
Rio Reiser
King of Germany
was found

one to demonstrations
mandatory with whistles
and blue garbage bags must appear

and the simple one,
spack neighbour
from next door
thereby to the hip-swinging
Samba drummer becomes

why the position as Mother of the Nation
is still vacant

why paper planes cannot carry loads

and donkeys have such beautiful faces

or neon fish shine without electricity...
So much you don't know,
you little silly,
so much.
What you don't know.


Some things, however, you have to
don't even know,
some is
just simple:
like a magical fragrance.

Secrets de Paradis Rouge for example
A noble and precious perfume
with a fruity - flowery beginning,
which changes into slightly creamy, oily phases.
Powder is sprinkled,
a few tender pieces of wood
and in addition a fine smokiness,
which both inflame the lumberjacks,
how to soothe the lumberjacks...

Unisex so.
The durability is enormous.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________br />
A fragrance to be savored every day
to declare love.

Straight up! Br />
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LexaLexa 4 years ago
Rouge no,but Orange Blossom Heaven it is for sure.All types of blossoms from fresh bloom to huge flowers.Well made and so delicious,true gem

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