J.B. Filz

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Interesting Facts
J.B. Filz is a Viennese perfumery which, on the occasion of its 200th anniversary, relaunched two old "fragrances" that have been a constant part of its range ever since.

Founded in 1809, the then owner specialized in the production of soaps, creams, pomades, make-up and also perfumed waters. In the middle of the 19th century the perfumed water "Wiener Lieblingsduft" was released.

At the end of the 19th century, the products were supplied to the aristocracy and the upper middle classes and especially the lavender water, which is even mentioned in the novel "Die Strudlhofstiege" by Heimito von Doderer, gained great popularity.

In 1872, the company was granted the right to use the title "K&K Hove Parfumeur".

The company, which is now run by the 6th and 7th generations, has been selling the "Viennese favorite fragrance" and lavender water since 2009, which are allegedly produced according to the original recipes.