Eau de Lavande (1892)

Eau de Lavande by J.B. Filz
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Eau de Lavande is a popular perfume by J.B. Filz for women and men and was released in 1892. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Lavender, Rose



8.3 (10 Ratings)


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5.9 (7 Ratings)


6.9 (8 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The formula is said to be from 1892. Besides rose, three sorts of lavender should have been part of it.
In 2009 the fragrance was relaunched.
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Greatly helpful Review    15
Fragrance with literary immortality or: Vienna in a bottle

One of the nicest perfumeries I know of is in Vienna: Am Graben is the "Duftg'wölb", as it is affectionately called in Viennese. One of those remnants from k and k times, of which there are fortunately still some in my hometown - even if they are threatened with extinction to an alarming degree.
If you don't know where to find J.B. Filz, you will almost certainly pass it, because despite its noble location at the "Graben" in Vienna, the entrance is very discreet: an old glass door, on the left and right of it about 20 cm "display". And just as narrowly it continues in the business. To the right, parallel to the wall and down to the depth of the vault, the "Budel" of the shop assistants, to the left just enough space for one customer to stand next to the other. Passing each other is indeed a challenge in terms of courtesy and consideration. And the walls? From floor to ceiling, old-fashioned wooden boxes with sliding glass doors, in which one wonderful fragrance stands next to the other in close proximity, without regard to presentation. During the first visit, one is almost overwhelmed by the overabundance that the eye encounters. But immediately there is competent help at hand, who stands by with the inimitable Viennese mixture of courtesy and personal familiarity.
Many treasures would be to be raised in the affectionate selection, but today I leave all the niche perfumes, big names and noble waters to the left, because my gaze falls on a simple glass bottle with the name J.B. Filz.
What now, the perfumery has its own fragrance with the simple name Eau de Lavande? The carefully cared for lady behind the bar kindly explains to me that the lavender water is produced by the house - and that Heimito von Doderer mentioned it in "Die Strudlhofstiege oder Melzer und die Tiefe der Jahre"
Okay, all right, before even a single scent molecule hits my nose, I know that Eau de Lavande will accompany me home. This is not a scent, this is lived history, a living breath of the past and for me as a Germanist and historian completely irresistible. Lavender is one of my secret quirks anyway and thanks to the wonderful story I immediately forgive the fragrance that it is not, as expected, a pure lavender water, but also clearly carries rose in itself. A fresh rose with lots of leaves and little weight and hardly any spice or sweetness. A simple, frugal, charming fragrance, which is just as suitable as a morning refreshment as a gentle sleep scent or as a delicate fragrance on a hot summer day in a hammock with dress and straw hat.
The wonderful saleswoman, who feels my interest and my real enthusiasm about the anachronistic scented water with the literary immortality and the wonderfully old-fashioned ambience, starts chatting and turns out to be the sixth generation of the J.B. Filz dynasty, which has been active in scented water since 1809. I also sniff the second house fragrance, the "Vienna's favourite water/Viennese favourite fragrance" and regret very much that the fragrance with the wonderful name "Genuine Parisian Ladies Conservation Water" is no longer produced. Because I am quite sure of that: I could certainly not resist this name! The "favourite Viennese water", a simple citric-herbal summer freshener, is immediately reserved by me for my next visit.
The simple flacons of your own fragrances are sold without outer packaging - but if you want to give the fragrance away, you can buy a pretty purple box made in a workshop for handicapped people for 5 euros. Also this concept fits perfectly to the sympathetic Wiener Duftg'wölb and its charming owner.
With Eau de Lavande, I have acquired a nostalgic little water, a kind of olfactory manifestation of the inimitable Viennese mixture of modernity and backwardness, larmoyance and optimism, the fragrance seal of my home, favourite and heart city.
And for me personally a tender shield against homesickness, which sometimes suddenly and violently attacks me.
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Very helpful Review    10
The last waltz will be the first
In 1892 Vienna was probably the most suitable place to create a lavender rose water: The centre of a disintegrating empire, torn between decadent nostalgia in backward dress and a departure into modernity - five years to the Secession. Perfume has not been eau de cologne, floral bouquet or soliflore for years, and Victorian olfactoryism has been swept away by the splendour of the Belle Époque. As Harry Count Kessler writes in his memoirs:
When I think back to this time of the seventies of my childhood, I think of her in half-faded pictures of beautiful women and their costumes, which today already seem so historical [...] Even the perfumes, which hovered around these phenomena as a light breath, have remained in my memory; perhaps even more clearly than the pale pictures of their beauty. Brise des Îles and Origan, Rose du Soir, Chypre, Souvenir du Réunion - I learned their exotic names later, but the peculiarity that every woman gave them through the smell and the sultriness of her skin I learned to distinguish when I was brought in from the nursery to kiss this or that hand."
Mr. Johann Baptiste Filz could probably trust to find still wealthy buyers for a high-quality water of the old-fashioned sort, even if products like 4711 or ancient lavender were already scents of the petit bourgeoisie and big Eau de Cologne houses like Farina Gegen gegenüber from Cologne already began their slow descent from noble heights into the drugstore shelves. And he succeeded, whether out of his own creativity or with the help of a pharmacopoeia, in creating an excellent composition, simple and perfect. Lavender - tangy, fresh, herbaceous, but also sweetish-green, congenially married with the rose, this fragrant, opulent, sometimes even metallic original perfume - here in a light "yellow-pink" variant with a high linalool content. As my favourite natural perfumer Annette Neuffer once said: "The rose is an indispensable material to add volume to a composition, especially when you're working without synthetics. It smoothes hard edges, rounds off and connects everything." And this is indeed noticeable even in this comparatively simple recipe, in which the rose brings a moment of tension, volume, elegance and ultimately a more interesting harmony than a bouquet of lavender alone could. Truly enchanting, cheerful, but also creamy distinguished, this last fragrance waltz of the old Habsburg, in front of Schönbrunner Yellow, with gala uniforms, before everything sank and, quasi a door away from the perfumery Filz, the modern age unfolded olfactorily, with the most important of all Viennese fragrances, The Knize Ten. Today, in the era de nouveau cologne, one can enjoy it again as contemporary, while Knize Ten probably smells for the average nose to Uropa. Pantha rei.
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Greatly helpful Review    50
Uncommented fragrances No. 126

Shortly before I finally point my lavender spleen at all of you, I will get the curve and post the comments (and maybe the statements). I've tested them all. Enough then!
But here again a really extraordinary lavender scent - and one may admit it calmly: We are all constantly looking for the extraordinary fragrance that distinguishes us from others. That could be one.

Nevertheless, Filz' Eau de Lavande won't lure any crowds of fragrance lovers from behind the oven and to Vienna into the perfumery J.B. Filz, because only there you can get him (unless you order him at peppered shipping costs at the very nice Mme. Filz, which I did, because I won't travel to Vienna for the next time, which is a pity in itself). In any case, I am very grateful to Cravache for the tip he wrote me on my lavender blog. Since then he has been on my watchlist - and after some hesitation he is now in my collection. I like it when fragrances have a long tradition (here: 1892, the year of the birth of J.R.R. Tolkien, must have been a very good year, except for a few political upheavals), if they possibly come from a traditional fragrance house (this is clearly true; have a look at the beautiful website) and smell good
The idea of combining lavender (here fortunately clearly dominant) with rose is as simple as it is ingenious. Basically, I really don't smell any more (even if you still notice a spicy undertone directly on the sprayer, but it doesn't appear at all on the skin or on scent strips). The trick here is the right balance, which Mr. Johann Baptiste Filz (such a beautiful name) has outbaldowert in 1892: namely a lot of different lavender varieties (I guess French and English variants, because that smells here both soft-elegant and herbaceous-fresh) and rather little of a beautiful, rather bright rose. The mixture looks a bit like rose geranium, if you know what I mean and who knows.

For friends of lavender fragrances, this is a particularly fine variation. I'm between 8.5 and 9.0. If you don't like lavender as a dominant fragrance in fragrances, you should not order it blind, which I generally disapprove of anyway (even though I did it here again).

Why revisionism? Think about it. I'm not dissolving it.
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