05.07.2019 - 08:20 PM

a sweet lovely floral

I can't find any info on this house or notes. I own a number of these fragrances. They all are vintage florals. This one to my nose is orchid, mimosa, ylang and musk. It is very musky and has that orchid feel to it without being powdery or soapy.

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GtabassoGtabasso 1 month ago
Cristal (1953) (Eau de Toilette) - Lesourd-Pivert

Cristal (1953) (Eau de Toilette) a beautiful vintage floral aldehyde
This reminds me of the Chanels of the time, all of the floral aldehyde fragrances. No distinct flower detectable. Just blends into a soapy fragrance. I blind bought this and found this listing afterward but no other information....

GtabassoGtabasso 2 months ago
Elyseos Femme - Elysios

Elyseos Femme wish I could find the notes
This is a vintage floral that is sweet and a little grassy with lily of the valley and maybe some rose as well as possible amber and oakmoss but it is not bitter. Just an underlying woodiness but mainly a floral fragrance. Very pretty...