Jacomo for Men by Jacomo

Jacomo for Men 2007

24.02.2018 - 02:27 PM
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A watery eau de cologne on my skin

I've never written a neutral or negative review about a scent before. Now, this may sound a little nutty, but I'm thinking something is wrong with my bottle. I've blindly bought it because of the attractive reviews I've read around, almost all emphasizing its uniqueness, projection, and longevity, for instance, "...It's an overpowering and long-lasting perfume, so you'd better apply it modestly, especially during the hotter times of the year...". This morning I took a regular shower, and before dressing up, I took another shower with Jacomo for men, meaning that I sprayed generously on each hot point. Ultimately, I sprayed it from above my head really like a shower. You know what? Right after half an hour, I couldn't smell a bit, but the shower soap and clothes softener. I don't think it is gone wrong, the initial smell is fresh and delightful... perhaps a faulty batch with perfume concentration less than an EDC. Anyhow, here you are what I get. Here’s a fruitful marriage of fruity, earthy, and woody accords that results in a warm blend that’s likely mistaken for sweet. A warm and spicy fragrance, ready to bewitch and far from those disgustingly sweet and trendy scents. No edible sugar sweetness.

Pineapple is what I get the most from opening this fragrance. It’s a little syrupy and medicinal, but it’s submissive without getting cloying. Fresh and pleasant pineapple, spicy and juicy that fades into a warm and sweet coffee with a chocolate-like aroma. Cedar is smooth, not sour or sour, just smooth and sweet.

I will say that the dried plum is quite alcoholic, in the same vein as Trussardi Black Extreme or Ferrari Scuderia Forte. It’s more on the sharp side than the smoky side, anyway. The notes blend so well that they produce a very soft, semi-sweet, slightly spicy aroma. The coffee note is not too heavy, which is good as coffee can sometimes drown out other notes in a fragrance. There is enough nutmeg, pepper and allspice to give it some spiciness.

A deeply resinous and clean vetiver that hints so subtly towards soapiness, along with a touch of dry woods, jumps from the base and mixes with the fruits and spices, creating a very pleasant and balanced aroma. In the dry base, tonka and amber become powdery on my skin and help the pepper and spices to balance the fruity sweetness.

I need a lot of sprays, and on my skin it lasts a few hours. I experience olfactory fatigue almost instantaneously and rather quickly. I think while I may have trouble smelling it, others around me will pick it up. It has moderate sillage and longevity, but for every day and office use it is good. Not a cologne for clubs or parties, best for a high-end bar, lounge or dinner date. Too bad, the bottle is so promising, and it tempted me to buy the more recent Oud release, but now I am a bit sceptical.

Is there anybody else like me who experienced the same? I would like to know.

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