One Man Show Gold Edition by Jacques Bogart

One Man Show Gold Edition 2011

12.09.2021 - 01:44 PM
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My „good to go” winter fragrance

I really love strong heavy on spices and warm perfumes and after seeing the notes of OMSG I told myself I'm gonna buy it in the near future.

And indeed it's strong and very spicy, a lot of cinnamon with some warm notes from amber and a sweet chemical note, probably from apple...

The opening is very strong, but also very synthetic. It's a spicy and sweet opening, combined with a fresh vibe (which won't last long) given by the fruity smell of apple and some citruses. The citruses notes makes me think of clothes balsam.

After it dries down, it's very spicy, woody, warm, apple, a with a musk which is very animalic, ambroxan like, it „tickles” my nose, but makes a nice combination with the warm-spicy and woody profile. There are some smoky accords too, I don't know what note could give this vibe...

The performance is strong, I can smell it on my skin after 10h + a shower. The projection is very strong in the first hours, I wouldn't say it's nuclear, but it's strong and perfect.

The spices, apple and warm nuances + the smoky accord will make you think of Christmas, which will make it perfect for me to wear it in winter :)

06/2019 batch 19F12
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