One Man Show Oud Edition (2014)

One Man Show Oud Edition by Jacques Bogart
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One Man Show Oud Edition is a popular perfume by Jacques Bogart for men and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-smoky. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by Groupe Bogart.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Galbanum, Red thyme
Heart Notes Heart NotesSpices, Geranium, Oud
Base Notes Base NotesPapyrus, Patchouli, Leather



8.0 (37 Ratings)


8.5 (35 Ratings)


8.4 (36 Ratings)


5.5 (44 Ratings)
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2.0 8.0 8.0 7.5/10

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three Musketeers - The Mysterious Athos - One Man Show Oud Edition
Strong, mysterious and refined, so are all three of my "Bogarts", together or individually, just like the three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Only the impetuous d'Artagnan is still missing.
At the beginning of the fragrance process, juicy and fruity echoes were still noticeable in the Gold Edition, but the One Man Show Oud Edition starts off with a very dark, resinous, conifer-like tone. One means oneself in the deep coniferous forest and it smells, except woody, strong and briskly after spicy leather. There is probably a lot owed to thyme, before later the "real" leather redefines this note. Before this happens, however, it becomes mysterious, the Oud takes over the direction! It's getting smoky. The fragrances range from sweet, spicy and bitter to leathery and earthy. This is due to the diversity of the eagle wood and the area where it comes from. Oud in itself also produces different nuances of fragrance. Especially as a middle note and in interaction with the head and base notes, these oud facets make the fragrance here mystically inscrutable, adhere for a very long time and determine what happens for hours. Towards the end the smell becomes eneut ledrig.
Another often given tip: Oud Edition and Gold Edition should be dosed very sparingly. Concentrated dark, thick smoke is not really pleasant and smells good! So much that a veil of mystery is created is just right and makes the wearer interesting and not intrusive!
6.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Wait till dark... the woods of Blackbury. They are not forests in the traditional sense. There are labyrinths of bushes and trees. Ways lead in. You'll have to find your way out. There are noises here. The calls of the owls and owls of the night accompany you.
Are you afraid?... You don't have to. Not really.
Because you are part of the forest when moist green scents reach you and wrap you up like a coat of needles and leaves. When the aromas of the wood recreate you, and you become part of the branches and trunks.
The darkness of the sky is overrunning you, and yet you find a bright light. Moonlight on white trunks of birches, from which fine drops swell, which smell inky and lulling.
You may not be able to find your way out long ago. Blackbury's holding you down voluntarily.
Long ago you were not only in the labyrinth, you consisted of it. Wait until it gets dark.....until someone else hears your green-spicy-woody scent......
Can you even sleep tonight?
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7.0 10.0 10.0 9.5/10

226 Reviews
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Big bang for the buck
Fantastic fragrance but of the LOVE IT or HATE IT kind.
Well above average performance and a divine leather oud patchouly experience, a bit dark just the way I like it.
Clearly in my top 20.
It opens with a cloying blast of galbanun, spices and oud. That lasts for 30 minutes or so (ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT); The first hour is not for sensible noses. It's a totally manly scent with more than a couple of synthetic notes..
The dry down gives you a softer oud (softer but not "soft") with leather and patchouli. It's a divine dry down that seems to last forever.

Let's see the math for Bogart's Oud Edition:
- Scent: 9.5 (close to awsome - my judgement)
- Longevity: 10.0 (12 hours+ with 3 sprays)
- Sillage: 10.0 (fills a room for 5 hours with 3 sprays; projects noticeably for 5 hours); practical skin scent till the 14th~16th hour.
- Uniqueness: 10.0 (the closest scent I know is Bogart Ruby Edition but just a small similarity. Better than many oud niche perfumes)
- Wearability: 6.0 (Just for oud lovers)
- Versatility: 6.0 (Winter and Spring/Autumn cold nights).
- Quality: 8.0 (a bit synthetic but I like it)
- Presentation: 7.5 (vulgar but eficient)
- Price: 10.0 (100 ml for 13,5 Euros + VAT)

Average: 8.56 / 10.00

In my top 20? Yes
Will I buy it again? Yes for sure.
Is there a similar Oud fragrance I like as much as this one? Yes, Bogart's Oud edition (LOL).
Will I recommend it? a big YES due to the scent, and price
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100 Reviews
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Two Man Show
Bogart fragrances are cheap and usually smell that way, but occasionally you can find one that's good value.

Oud Edition is such a one, a modernised version of One Man Show which has been reworked as a double act, featuring a well judged pairing of russet toned Oud and thyme's herbal frisson clearly aimed at the youth market.

Something different from the bog standard Oud then, but having said that, don't expect too much from this budget presentation - it's sweet, undemanding and pretty linear; a crowd pleaser with enough charm to compensate for the lack of development.


AmberScent 36 days ago
This perfume is wonderfully oriental, disgustingly synthetic, super artificial and very long lasting. It's hard to love it more than I do!+4
Mihaiu 37 days ago
a modern & manly old school. smooth combo of (very) oud/woody & leather-bit smoky with a heavy freshness. little fruity sweetness in the top
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Carlitos01 17 months ago
For the price I just thought that it would be another Bogart for my colection (I own 7 bogarts now).
Instead I received a precious Oud gem.+3

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