Silver Scent Intense (2009)

Silver Scent Intense by Jacques Bogart
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7.2 / 10     29 RatingsRatingsRatings
Silver Scent Intense is a perfume by Jacques Bogart for men and was released in 2009. The scent is sweet-synthetic. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBitter orange, Iced lemon, Orange blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesGeranium, Cardamom, Coriander, Lavender, Nutmeg, Rosemary
Base Notes Base NotesLichen, Oud, Teakwood, Tonka bean, Vetiver



7.2 (29 Ratings)


8.4 (24 Ratings)


7.9 (25 Ratings)


5.8 (32 Ratings)
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248 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
The Beauty and Beast
This fragrance makes you wonder why people under rate some designers, or even some EDTs and EDPs. Everybody knows Cool Water from Davidoff, but just a few people know other fantastic Davidoff products like Zino Davidoff and Silver Shadow.
Not a lot of people know Jacques Bogart or his perfumes. Well, if it is your case you don't know what you are missing.
Now about Silver Scent Intense witch is my preferred Bogart's fragrance together with Bogart for Men.
It's very manly, a bit gourmand, somewhat spicy, woody and a lot oriental.
It opens kind of fresh and clean with some sweetness. By the notes we know we are getting African orange flower, Italian lemon and bitter orange. I did not notice a clear separation between the top and the heart notes. I have been bombarded with some flower (mostly lavender) and spice notes without loosing that tiny sensation of freshness with some new green notes in between with the initial notes.
The scent now is really strong and lovable. Enjooooy it. It is ment for you.
The bottom notes make themselves available without asking any permission. The global scent becomes even more intensive and you notice the oriental ambiance projected by this fragrance. Sweet powerful oud, tonka and fougère notes become dominant but blended with the previous notes. You can experience the harmony of the global scent evolution.
The fragrance is really powerful and it does project immensely; you became aware of the sillage effects around you (my dog does not stay in the same room with me). After a couple of hours it still shows the same strength. You became convinced that it is going to last forever. It draws a lot of attention and certainly a lot of compliments mainly by oriental frag lovers.
I sprayed my forearms (2 sprays each) by midday. 12 hours later I still had an appreciable sillage around me and I should say quite intense still. 36 hours went by and I still can smell the sweet oud and tonka at skin level; In between I slept for 8 hours and took a shower.
Don't use it in hot weather. All other situations are allowed. You may either love this fragrance or hate it due to its boldness and high performance.
When should you use it?
- Very good when you are reading a book by the fireplace on a winter night? - YES, you may enjoy it alone.
- Very good for any kind of date? - NO. It will be ok for some dates if you apply it 2~3 hours before meeting your darling. And if your date cares only about fresh citrusy scents just dump your date and stick with this great fragrance.
Very good for the office? - YES but only if you have a private space.
Is it good for open air activities? - YEEES.
Will you receive a lot of compliments? - YES by this type of scent lovers.
Very good for clubbing? - YES but apply it a couple of hours before going to the club.
Everyone else will be wearing it? - NO. I dare you to find someone else using this frag in your circle of friends.

My rates for Silver Scent Intense:
Scent: 9.0 (I really love this frag, but still does not make my top 10 although it is in my top 20)
Longevity: 10.0 (It's a beast)
Sillage: 9.5 (It's a beast)
Uniqueness: 7.5 (You may have similar experiences with a douzain of niche very expensive fragrances, OUDs in particular)
Wearability: 7.5 (avoid hot weather; marvelous in air conditioned)
Versatility: 7,0 (choose oriental scent lovers to date or to party with; Exclude all the Aqua di Gio fanatics)
Quality: 7.5
Presentation: 7.0
Price: 10.0 (20 Euros for my 100 ml bottle)
Overall rating: 8,25/10.0

26 Reviews
There is a Silver Oud?
A (surprisingly) friendly oud based, evening around town scent, for fall and winter. A bit overwhelming at the top, but great projection and longevity will follow. The namesake silver (oud) accord (oud, shined and polished by lavender and lemon) is quite unique. This is paired with a grape soda like accord -A bitter sweet orange, tonka, and geranium combo. It's quite appealing, and masculine. The usual moody dark feel of oud is made brighter, and quite festive by it's silvery-ness. On the other hand, the grape soda vibe paired with the medicinal edge in oud may remind some of cough syrup, as it did me.

Solid. But not a safe blind buy, even at it's amazing value.
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2 Reviews
I "blind buy" this EDT because of favorable reviews from other fragrance database website. When I spay it on paper, they smell good but when I spray it on my skin, I was very disappointed. The initial smell is medicinal and syrupy sweet. It has a strong sillage and longevity. I suspect that the Tonka Bean makes it cloying to my smell. I like the other Bogart's fragrance like Eau Fresh and Force Majeure.


Mihaiu 9 months ago
spicy- a bit woody black GRAPE with fabric softener/grape soda vibe. sweet. good for teenagers
Carlitos01 23 months ago
Humphrey Bogart used this fragrance in Casablanca. Ingrid Bergman cried a lot because she would never smell again Bogart's Bogart fragrance.+4

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