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Silver Scent Pure by Jacques Bogart
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Silver Scent Pure is a popular perfume by Jacques Bogart for men and was released in 2015. The scent is synthetic-citrusy. It is being marketed by Groupe Bogart.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli



7.6 (17 Ratings)


7.9 (15 Ratings)


7.6 (15 Ratings)


6.2 (25 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 04.09.2019
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8.0 8.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Helpful Review   
Don't tell anyone, it's Silversufer water
Boom in your face - there is clearly a Grapefruit / Pamelmuse, which really, really spreads.
If you get the right space, the tenderness comes to the fore, which is supposedly orange blossom, which harmonises very well with the grapefruit, which has taken a back seat.
One could almost speak of "Oldschool"-Viep with a touch of Barber-Shop, but then there is a ban in the fruit shop, because the "Twist" with the synthetic note starts shortly after. The strong initial note is only clearly visible, but it is equal to or slightly behind the synthetic (Neroli? Nee, but what in the direction) note.
We are at minute 2 to 3.
A Priese or the upcoming transformation to powder begins - what I suspected as Neroli, it is clearly not!
If I now say that it has something of a sporty deodorant, I have earned the baking pipe rightly, but to dismiss it alone with "Fresh" would be wrong and alone orange blossom is not it, because trees are not made of metal/silver/silver.
We are at minute 6 to 8 and 10.
"Hey, Silver Shore, you're on Clean Man here because you were in the car wash after the crash in the orange tree," doesn't help anybody, does it? Whoever has always entered "Icon" by Dunhill as a fragrance twin is to be congratulated for his nose - if I hadn't thought of it and I wouldn't have remembered either.
We are at minute 12 to 30.

It's currently 27 Euros for Jacques and 37 Euros for Dunhill, where it's not about money but about the fragrance that stays the way it is from now on: where is the great grapefruit from the beginning?
On steel / metal / silver no grass grows and therefore no fruit - so slippery office fragrance, which in this case I did not(!) mean that an office smells so
Left arm is fired with Bleu de Chanel, in the middle is a coffee to neutralize and on the right arm is Silver Scent Pure.
You can't and shouldn't compare the two scents, but the left arm is washed intensively because of the scent and the right arm already smells as if I had washed it fresh (but with what did I just wash it?).
Pure from the "theme" behind the fragrance, Dunhill has the clearer bottle and even though Neroli is included in Dunhill, which was not listed here, Silver Scent Pure is a real radiant or clean man.
So if office or business type smell, then quite clearly Silver Scent Pure, which would fit purely from the smell also 1to1 both on the advertising picture of Bleu de Chanel and Dunhill Icon, because the respective model types allglatt and a certain distance and coolness mediate.
The Bauhaus advertising poster of Bogar does not reflect anything of what Silver Scent is.
We're at well over 60 minutes and I notice I'm not the type for such scents.
The opening is sensational (for me) the course is very great, but what becomes of it is too smooth for me.
On bankers, brokers or professional killers the scent has to fit really well and you expect such scents too...okay, they're not that far apart...but maybe also on a person who is present but wanted in the background and with whom you don't necessarily have to or shouldn't have much to do...the salespeople at Porsche? A concierge? The boss's lawyer?
I stay with the Silversurfer (the comic figure and not grandpa at the computer) and wash both arms now.
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6.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

162 Reviews
A great fresh perfume and radioactive
Who said that a cool perfume could not be powerful? Well, here you have the proof. There are few perfumes that I have tried from the Bogart house, but one thing is clear, they do things well, the benefits of these perfumes are well above average and at a very competent price, the truth is that a 10 for this house perfumes

This Silver Scent Pure in particular, is a fresh scent, pleasant and very pleasant to wear, and now with the warmth that comes on us, it is a very comfortable and recommended perfume. A citrus-floral fragrance (grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom and lavender), with a sweet woody background and a speck of mint rather refreshing, and not overly sweet, has a certain air to Mystique from Al Haramain, but in beast mode and with the touch sweet something more pronounced. A perfume of warm climates, fresh, cheerful and very clean.

The performance is very good, reaching to remain in skin about 7 hours, with a wake very marked and notorious the first hour, then down to moderate, but taking into account its price, is an extraordinary performance. It is a perfume, as I said before, of warm and temperate climates and daytime use.

For me, particularly, I liked it, and all those who miss the powerful perfumes in summer, here you have a great option.

forgive me my bad english
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

240 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
A very aromatic fragrance - almost beastmode - in a citrusy freshy cologne
Quick review of Silver Scent Pure - EDT

- Practical and nice white bottle ! Not so good sprayer !
- Citrus Aromatic fragrance - It's a warm/mild weather cologne. Wear it during a spring/summer clear sky days!
- Strong opening (a bit harsh), smooth dry down, well blended, good notes harmony during it's evolution !
- Atracts compliments from citrusy fragrance lovers! The grapefruit/bergamotte opening is quite great and outshines the apple and mint top notes. The almost imediate strong lavender and orange blossom middle notes do add harmony and accentuate the freshness of this cologne. The scent becomes loud and strong (as you would expect from Bogart) but keeping a refreshing ambiance that will endure till the dry down. The fresh notes team along quite well with the patchouli, musk and guaiac base notes. It does have a loud projection during the first hour, so be calm with the sprayer. It's better to respray once after 1~2 hours and avoid a to strong first hour. Sillage peaks at 4~5 feet till the end of the second hour. Expect to have a practical skin scent till the 7th/8thth hour. It does have an above average performance for a fresh cologne and performs even better on clothes!
- Does not smell cheap. It really smells alluring and Bogart marketeers did not need call it F** Pure or some other similar name!
- Price is very good as usual with Bogart fragrances.

My rates for Silver Scent Pure:

Price:..........................10.0 (€19,00 for 100ml)


Comment: Congratulations to the house of Bogart. Bogart managed to offer a strong enduring citrusy fresh scent, and very pleasant at the same time although a bit synthetic. I am not a lover of fresh and airy scents, In this casa I became almost addicted to the fragrance.
It's not a beast mode fragrance as it does not endure for 14~18 hours or more. But a faint skin scent is still recognizable after 10 hours. I think I may call it a Citrus Beast Mode, no doubts about it.


Carlitos01 19 months ago
Congratulations to Bogart! This designer managed to offer avery pleasant, strong enduring citrusy fresh scent, although a bit synthetic.+4

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