Parfums de Havane - Havana Rain 2019

Parfums de Havane - Havana Rain by Jacques Zolty
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Parfums de Havane - Havana Rain is a popular perfume by Jacques Zolty for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is smoky-woody. It is being marketed by HIC Beauty. Pronunciation
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Havana part 3 - rain and leather in Havana, theme hit
The theme of this fragrance from the interesting series by Jacques Zolty is the moment when the weather tips over on a hot summer's day and changes from the sultry hot air to rain:
"In Cuba, during summer, there's a specific point in time when the scorching heat of the day is about to break. The clouds suddenly thicken, the light darkens and people come out in the street to look up at the sky. The air is filled with the smell of very hot asphalt, but within minutes the rain takes over."

You can actually smell the eponymous rain in Havana.
The road is heated up and within minutes it rains down. No cold rain, warm Caribbean summer rain. The steam that rises from the roads carries the asphalt smell with it and forms this special combination of scents that you rarely encounter in our latitudes. The fragrance actually manages to recreate such an event. It doesn't cool down properly, but it remains very pleasant in the air for a while before the sultriness usually takes over again. There should be fruit parts, I only smell them minimally and cannot make out any concrete fruits. It also smells a little like buildings in the shell where the concrete is not completely dried out, even a very special smell.

After approx. 10 minutes this very special odor part is over, it remains smoky and leather takes over an important role. With the tar together you can smell a good cool leather jacket. Not the finest nappa leather for the business man, not even the 30 year old jacket of grandpa, but more the biker or jeans style. Reminds a little of the dark rebel scents of John Varvatos.

I miss a little the spicy notes in my heart, but as in the other two scents of the series, which I have commented on, the sequence shifts a little - at least in my perception. For me the heart is quite clear leather+soft smoke.
The spices come only after some time in the base note. Here, a little spice is added to the leather that has become softer but continues to set the tone. I smell a little pepper, rather bitter spices, none from the Christmas bakery. Cumin might get there, but I mean, there's something else I smell. But it could also be that this impression is supported by the Labdanum + Amber combination and that they are actually more resin components. But it doesn't smell very resinous, Amber also brings only a slight hint of sweetness that only plays along at the back.

In total also a beautiful fragrance with an exciting effect in the top note, it really smells like Caribbean rain. One of the darkest fragrances (even if I still miss Leonella), rather masculine and well balanced. From the development I like Cubata and Severo a little bit better, the heart and the base of Havana Rain is not quite so independent and the fragrance development slightly less exciting. Nevertheless a really very well composed fragrance. Also wearable in everyday life for those who want to go a bit more in the cool leather direction.
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