Parfums de Havane - Me Gustas (2019)

Parfums de Havane - Me Gustas by Jacques Zolty
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Parfums de Havane - Me Gustas is a new perfume by Jacques Zolty for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by HIC Beauty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCoffee, Citric notes, Amyris
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Carnation seed, Black pepper
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Vetiver, Amber, Cedarwood, Tonka bean



8.4 (6 Ratings)


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7.8 (10 Ratings)
Submitted by Einfachich, last update on 13.02.2020.
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Castro, Hemingway and Che
It's a hot morning in Havana. Our three protagonists have made themselves comfortable on the roof terrace of the Hotel Ambos Mundos, perhaps also at the tables in front of Hemingway's residence. (Room 511 is still unchanged and belongs to the Cuban Hemingway Museum). The sun burns on the asphalt and the ordered cafecito of serrano beans is served. The typical coffee aromas spread immediately. Those who expect the Melitta man or Jakobs Dröhnung will be disappointed, because Cuban coffee is something very special. Therefore at this point a short digression to the topic:
Coffee is grown in the middle of Cuba's mountains. The soils here are very rich in nutrients, and the climate is somewhat colder than in the "classic" coffee-growing regions. This means that the plant grows more slowly and has less acidity and bitterness than the varieties sold in Europe. At the same time, the coffee is milder, more intense in aroma and much spicier. The Serrano variety, for example, has an aroma reminiscent of smoky tobacco with a touch of vanilla. Turquino has strong notes reminiscent of raisins, nuts and tobacco.
However, the slower growth is also the reason why Cuba can only produce around 70% of its demand. The rest has to be imported and is often served to tourists.
Traditionally, the coffee beans in Cuba are roasted very darkly, which enhances the aroma even more and enhances the roasted aromas. Also the way of the preparation is completely different than we are used to it. As a rule, the freshly ground coffee grounds are mixed directly with sugar, so that the water runs more slowly through the grounds and thus provides for an over-extraction of the aromas and thus for the typical intensely spicy, sweet smell and taste.
But back to our trio.
The Cafecito is drunk slowly, one leans back, enjoys and talks about God and the world. From the nearby harbour, slightly resinous citric nuances blow over. New coffee beans are roasted dark in the hotel kitchen. As the morning progresses, it gets even warmer. The air is dry, slightly dusty and not a trace of rain. The wooden terraces, chairs and tables exude their woody notes in the heat, mixing with the coffee aromas.
Slowly it is time to move on and consume the first alcoholic beverages. They agree on a ramble through the bars, starting with a Mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and then Daiquiris in the Floridita. Before one sets out, the words of Me Gustas fall: Like it.

Zolty's Me Gustas is very good for Cuban coffee. But is it portable? Yes! Not always and everywhere, but it fits very well on a warm day in the street coffee or to "smoky" evenings with whisky, gin or rum like whiskey tastings or a whiskey reading. Durability and Sillage are good. One is perceived without filling the space, whereby Me Gustas never becomes intrusive.
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Havana Part 4 - Coffee? I like it!
"Me gustas" means "I like you".

The fragrance, however, is not about relationship themes, but about Cuban coffee, which is supposed to reflect the Cuban soul. Jacques Zolty gives him the following story with:
"The Cubans' spirit is like the Havana coffee: intense, sweet, enveloping and unique. There is no other coffee like this one: you drink it slowly to savor its aroma and creaminess, while tuning into everything that surrounds you!"

A splash of citrus fruit starts the scent, which quickly warp.
Roast aromas spread quickly. No pure coffee, but certainly no Starbucks composition with tons of sugar and syrup, maybe it's actually like Jazzbob writes a malt coffee. The Cubans are not blessed with the best supply situation, so it could be that there is some malt coffee mixed in.
I think the carnation seeds have their share here. The whole thing is slightly spicy and malty, it could also be a coffee enriched with cardamom. But aren't the Arabs more likely to do that? Never mind.
Flowers are also subtle, but the main role is played by the spicy (malt) coffee. Not stomach unfriendly, quite soft. There will probably support the quiet players vanilla, Amber and Co..
When the coffee is a little drunk, the wood comes. Over time, the roasting aromas retreat somewhat, the seasoning content of the carnation seeds remains strong and the wood becomes somewhat stronger The development is quiet and unspectacular, so there are no strong twists.

An hour could actually take place in a backyard cafe in Havana. You can also sit on old wooden chairs, get a nice Cuban coffee served, the flowery vegetation contributes its olfactory part. During a nice conversation when the coffee has been drunk for a long time, you rather get a whiff of coffee from the neighboring tables.

Do I like it? Yes. Did he hit the topic? That, too. But a bottle won't move in with me, the notes don't quite suit my taste. Exciting from a perfume point of view, I would rather not wear it.
A small warning: The spiciness comes from my view really dominating from the seed direction. Now I have no idea how carnation seeds smell, but e.g. "gentle Fluidity" (silver) also has these notes. I find them interesting, but rather special. But you should test first anyway.

From the series I'm still missing "Leonella", of which I didn't order a sample at first because it seemed rather feminine from the description. But tomorrow a rehearsal arrives to complete this interesting series. Together with bottles of "Cubata" and "Havana Rain". :-)

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