Parfums de Havane - Severo 2019

Parfums de Havane - Severo by Jacques Zolty
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Parfums de Havane - Severo is a popular perfume by Jacques Zolty for men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-spicy. It is being marketed by HIC Beauty. Pronunciation
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Top Review 16  
Havana feeling
How the hell does the cola get into that scent?
Actually, the liquid in the tube should be dark brown and sticky, instead of so harmlessly clear.
Any serious scent worshipper should stop reading now, because this is going to be a paean to a composition that is both crazy and so sophisticated!

"Cuba Libre" to spray: I don't believe it!
Did but Yatagan once again knew exactly what he was doing when he put this sampler in my fragrance letter.
So I grinned rapturously from ear to ear after the initial astonishment had subsided.
And I'm grinning again!

It's no secret that I have a penchant for long drinks, even under the stars, be it on hotel terraces or bars "with outdoor areas", as it is now called.
Actually, I prefer the gin-heavy drinks, which can also be nicely flavored and colored with appropriate syrup: of course with umbrella and drinking bowl!
But for "Parfums de Havane - Severo" by Jacques Zolty I like to make an exception.

The classic "Cuba Libre" recipe is found in the fragrance opening:
Coke, sweet and sticky, fresh lime juice and a good helping of dark-honey rum!
Refined continues:
Davana, here not only a slight dried plum, but also a subtle rum note spreading, fits of course excellent to this prelude.
A pinch of pepper gives additional fire and the tart-bitter birch nuance tames a bit the sweetness created by cola.
Feels "Severo" still sticks slightly; or was the test sip already too much?
What would be a tropical night without the warm sensuality that runs through it crackling?
Once again, sluggish creamy vanilla and white musk, interspersed with Amber's resinous-spicy radiance, ensure this.
This entertaining fragrance cocktail does not need more; it speaks for itself!

Thus, vivid images of warm nights, beautiful women, smart men (all of whom would love to see themselves as James Bond) and a way of life known only to the South or the tropics are created by this fragrance creation.
"Parfums de Havane - Severo" delivers this short trip to Havana right away: lively, high-spirited, not averse to "a little flirtation" and guaranteed without a heavy head the next morning!

In one of these summer night parties, this fragrance belongs; here he can develop and live out his very special charm.
Because here it shows once again that even the fragrance world does not always have to be serious; a little wink may already be there.
And I raise my glass!
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Top Review 29  
Summer feeling
Come on over have some fun
dancing in the morning sun......

Why do I associate this fragrance with this song now?
It's the good mood they both put me in.
This feeling of light-heartedness and freedom.

I love the smell of a good cola from the house,
if he comes across as authentic,
like this.....perfect.
Served with the tangy lime,
with a subtle astringency... lovely.
Rum's here,
very discreet,
no sign of drunk,
maybe a bissl tipsy,
just enough to be a little bit left out.

Quickly comes the vanilla,
of gentle sweetness,
not glistening bright,
but like the sun, slowly setting on the beach of the Caribbean.

And I am there, dancing exuberantly to the glorious sounds,
forget the world around me...

Pepper subliminal,
like the vibrating rhythm of the music deep inside me,
i breathe the wonderful smell of freedom
Laughing I let myself fall on the old leather coach on the beach,
old, much used, but not at all grubby,
sip on my still fresh Cuba Libre.
The smoke of the old men with their cigars, far away,
moves over to me only slightly.

A fragrance full of life and good mood.

I leave the first 5 seconds outside,
they smell like plastic and cost half a dot in my case.
But it's really gone after a few seconds,
and then he... perfect
I would classify him as unisex, but for me he definitely fits better to a man,
casual, light-hearted, ...

So, I'm going to dream...
Summer feeling...
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Very helpful Review 7  
Cuba libre in the cigar lounge
A few of the statements already compress it in a very similar direction going.
But you can still devote a few more words to this interesting fragrance.

I haven't really stumbled across Jacques Zolty yet, but ALZD's 5 fragrances have been a special success because of the coherent Cuba theme. So it's like a pentalogy. If this is always a difficult thing to do, it can also seem very stressful. Severo I call my own, 3 of the 4 other fragrances are ready as a sample.

So let's start with Severo.
There's been a lot of talk here about Coke. Bullshit. Cuba Libre here you go, a good one with a decent rum and lime. Maybe a little mint leaf for the garnish.
That's how it starts. Coke alone doesn't do it justice. Lime belongs to a Cuba Libre and you can smell it, namely by a light astringency. So it has to be, A little green flashes through with. Pleasantly the sweetness of the Cuba Libre is not too sticky, so you have paid attention to good balance with a good rum.
Now you might think why would a fragrance want to smell like a long drink and that can only work as a theme fragrance. Yes, I think it is. And that's pretty good.

After a while, as always, the citrus fruits retreat and take over the soft parts of the fragrance. I can't notice a pronounced heart note with pepper and/or birch.
In the base you sit in a beautiful cigar lounge in Havana and slobber on your Cuba Libre. You just have to think away the smoke a little, I hardly notice anything. But what comes to light are leather armchairs and somehow you can imagine smelling good (unlit) cigars.
The leather is not a very fine one from the English men's club where only discussion takes place and where as a woman only the Queen is let in, nor an old leather jacket used for many years. These are old good leather armchairs which have been maintained with beeswax, but which have been used as a seat for a lot of work So you sit there, slurp on, in the background you hear Compay Segundo playing "Chan Chan". De Alto Cedro voy para Marcané... Llego a Cueto, voy para Mayarí
But I digress.
The basis is therefore comfortable leather. It's not in the pyramid, but it's there. Whether you smell tobacco is up to you. The Cuba Libre stays with it for quite a long time, but with time it withdraws and remains a light, pleasant vanilla sweetness that blends beautifully with the leather and becomes one.
Tuscan Leather was mentioned here as the cover for a fragrance part. That fits conditionally, I do not find the leather in Severo so harsch.

A really very successful theme scent that goes great with Cuba.
Theme scents can be difficult to wear. I think you can wear this one very well, especially when the base comes to wear.
Tendency somewhat masculine according to traditional classifications, but quite wearable for women.

I am very happy about this blind purchase, it fills a not yet known gap in my leather scents and actually makes me think of Cuba where I absolutely have to go again.
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