Coriandre (Eau de Parfum) by Jean Couturier

Coriandre 1973 Eau de Parfum

22.05.2020 - 01:20 PM

Winter no, Summer yes.

When I bought and tried this in Spring 2019 I found it awful

The note pyramid made this edp sound like just my cup of tea. The base notes looked just right, dry, woody, maybe a bit bitter, lots of lovely flowers in the middle, nice aldehydic citrusy top. I got none of that. Instead I got a thin, sour, lemony toilet cleaner type of smell (with a bit of mint) that radiated all day with just one spray; a fresh aftershave from the '70s type of smell.

Sorting through my perfume stash I came across a travel spray that I had filled with one of my concoctions. It was lovely and reminded me of Magie Noir. I couldn't think for the life of my what I had put into the bottle but after days of faffing around I suddenly remembered that I had put Coriandre plus patchouli (for my tastes most perfumes smell better layered up with a dab of patchouli essential oil ha ha). In the cool weather of an English spring my mix was a complete bust (obviously as I hadn't used it up) but trying it in the high heat of a pretty odd flash of early summer in May it was absolutely gorgeous (don't know what else I put in, possibly nothing, possibly a few things and most likely vetivert and oakmoss).

So I tried Coriandre again and it is remarkable on my skin how this perfume differs in smell summer compared to winter. The sour lemony top notes burn off in a few seconds letting some sharper, slightly powdery, floral notes come through, and just picking a couple on my skin that would be a fairly definite geranium, and some iris, and other than those two a general floral bouquet rather than individual flowers. As the hours wear on it becomes a little more powdery but never loses the floral middle.

Super nice on its own, and I wish I could remember what I mixed up in my little travel spray because that smells like an early Magie Noir (I'll have to have another go).

So Coriandre for me has gone from a one to an 8, with my lost formula a 10.

The bottle really is a very pretty heavy frosted glass oblong with a lovely dark green lid.

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