Alchimiste - Highlands 2017

Alchimiste - Highlands by Jean & Len
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Alchimiste - Highlands is a perfume by Jean & Len for men and was released in 2017. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Moss, Fresh notes, Woody notes, Herbaceous notes



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Submitted by Catfriend, last update on 05.11.2020.
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For fresh wood on moss floor fans: great layer scent
On the one hand, I would like to emphasize that Highlands is rated as layer scent. On the other hand, avoid comparing it as a "dupe" with an "original" already read here. Furthermore, I would like to point out that Highlands does not have to be granted autonomy in order to have a "great" performance as a layer.

Highlands is a fragrance that is typically fresh in the top note, typically woody in the long-lasting heart note and typically mossy-herbaceous in the even more generously persistent base note. All three areas are used by fans of Armani He/ Lui, the almost forgotten Bottega Veneta pour Homme and the - comparatively - hyped Dior Sauvage.

This "typical" makes Highlands either a layer, or in my opinion misunderstood by others a "dupe". Because for He/ Lui he lacks the fine-spicy intensity, for pour Homme the woody-strong character and for Sauvage the peppery-nose-soaked elitism (which "convinces" in such a way that it attracts the masses). So what's the Highland spray for? Because neither a noble and dignified Bergamot-Vanilla Zweiklang comes up, nor more than simple memories of said EdTs and perfumes, with which a replacement / Dupe becomes useless.

A simple picture is enough to underline this. A woman who is unrestrainedly in love with a certain man is also in love with him because the two can smell each other, because of his scent. This is about the clear independence, which can be unmistakably smelled for humans. Another man, who may smell similar, will only remind the woman of her love. And that makes her think of her "original". The Dupe hardly has any more special meaning. That brings us to the end of my argumentation.

Whoever is aware that both He/ Lui and pour Homme run out of air after two to five hours and knows that this is due to the weak base note in each case, will find support in Highlands as a layer, which helpfully lacks the soul in the head and heart note. After two hours, He/Lui still smells of himself, with a base note emerging that can carry his "soul". As far as pour Homme is concerned, the subtle precious woods remain stronger as long as their trees are bedded on a mossy, woody-soft base humus. I think it is inappropriate to lay Sauvage out, unless we only want to save money because its shelf life remains good and anyone who likes Sauvage can continue to stand by it.

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