Lasso 1956Eau de Toilette

Lasso (Eau de Toilette) by Jean Patou
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Lasso (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Jean Patou for women and was released in 1956. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Guy Robert
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Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Lasso (Parfum) by Jean Patou, which differs in concentration.
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40 Reviews
Lasso EDT by PATOU (Guy Robert)
Lasso 2 oz bottle EDT reviewed.
Well after an initial wearings via splash..which I intend to put it in a spray to see what comes of that to air it out a bit..because the main thing about Lasso its densely layered, faceted or prismatic where you get flashes of different things from moment to moment. Its a full symphony.

Imagine a soft supple leather note enveloped by rose, jasmine, iris, violet and a hint of spice from the carnation and pepper. (the carnation and pepper are super restrained) Then it shifts with the base of the old fashioned nitromusks mingle and support the old school peach note/ florals. The heliotrope, dry vanilla and amber keeps things soft and supple. You get a slight feminine powder scent but its under the florals, fruits and leathers.

In my bottle, the nitromusks have become stronger in the base rather than the oakmoss and resins, so I can only ascertain this was one of the classic animalic chypres in the early century. Theres not a sharp edge to be found anywhere. Its soft as satin yet interesting, intriguing for the most hardened perfumista. And this is just the EDT which would read to us as a modern extrait. I can only imagine what the true extrait packed.

The fruit is primarily in the mix to add a gentle sweetness and body. Its not a fruit dominated perfume. The leather, florals, musks dominate in Lasso. I dont think its a chypre as we know it..more of a floral animalic leather. It has a slight Mitsuoko echo to it but imagine a well dressed up Mitsy with the musty green turned way down but the vintage edge.. if it was used as a skeleton base to add much much more. Thats Lasso.

It doesnt smell of anything current, but one of those rare perfumes long lost with some light herbal elements (patchouli?) floating thru it. Theres a floral Ive never smelled in the heart that surfaces and I cant put a finger on it. Ive smelled dozens of vintage fragrances and this one stumps me. Whatever it is, its well extinct from the 1960s forward. Whats amazing to me is.. first, theres is minimal deterioration Ive only witnessed with a 1930-40s bottle of Jardanel from Jean Desprez, and the structure seems still intact.

The way the notes shift from moment to moment is unique. I dont know how they made these notes dance. Ive ran across this phenomenon only in a well preserved bottle of vintage baghari extrait that had these types of faceted moving characteristics. One last thing I can comment on is all the notes are perfectly arranged. Nothing really dominates but takes turns in the spotlight of its evolution. Its smooth and never out of place, yet very interesting.After a vintage experience such as this.. even the modern greats pale in comparison and look thin, ghostly and unsophisticated.

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