08.05.2022 - 07:33 PM

This one took me by surprise...

...not a masterpiece, actually rather simple, and totally not the kind of scent I'd usually wear - but surprisingly, especially since other JPG scents except for Fleur du Male have not been to my liking, I found myself enjoying it quite much.

After testing this over the last week, I get the feeling that what Quentin Bisch did for blood orange in Ultra Zest, he has done for coconut (or, according to the packaging it's actually coconut wood) in an even more delicious way in Le Beau with tonka replacing the patchouli from the Mugler drydown.

It's sweet but still zesty and juicy without being overly cloying like other scents that (like this one) are probably mostly marketed towards the younger for clubbing. The coconut gives off a beachy summer vibe, but the sweetness and depth from the tonka makes it useful for colder times, so it's quite versatile in regards to seasons. Not suited for office or very formal events, but totally useable for casual days and party nights. Projection and longevity are also good without being nuclear. I would also agree with other comments that there are more notes than listed, especially cardamom, lavender and musk rear their heads here.

If you're 30+ and not the clubbing kind you are probably not a part of the target group, but give it a test drive - I did and it's really not bad at all.
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