Le Mâle Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle Essence de Parfum 2016

04.10.2021 - 06:38 PM

A nice, refined 80's herbal opening suede jacket

While smelling quite similar to CH Men Privé, the nuances of the opening and the way the leather is constructed differs heavily from one another. CH Privé has a slightly smoky macho leather, on the other side this Le Male Essence de Parfum is more refined and elegant, the leather on it being pretty much a suede. The cologne starts with a pretty nice citrus / herbal touch which reminded me of frags from the 80's. In the drydown we got a suede type leather and some vanilla. I think this is far better than the Carolina Herrera frag, which on my skin smells like plain Coca - Cola. (Not kidding) However, the scent has been discontinued and it had already been reformulated. The one i tried lasted half an hour projecting, unfortunate that Puig destroys their own creations.

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