Le Mâle In The Navy (2018)

Le Mâle In The Navy by Jean Paul Gaultier
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Le Mâle In The Navy is a new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier for men and was released in 2018. The scent is synthetic-fresh. It is being marketed by Puig.

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6.9 (15 Ratings)


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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 13.04.2019
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Ahoy sailor, ahoy! ;-)
LE MALE by Jean Paul Gaultier ...
This bottle and its fragrance have been with me since the middle of the `90s .
I already recognized in everyday life and of course also here in the forum that this
Name to the fragrance that divides opinions and tastes .
I for my part still remember very well how I got off my
Trainee content this fragrance with a bottle as a men's torso packed in a tin can
( how crazy ! ;- ) absolutely had to have - no matter how he smells at all , or at me .
In the meantime, there are some LE MALE fragrance versions which I mostly also
in my collection. Today and 2018 came an announcement for
LE MALE - IN THE NAVY . Unfortunately this smell was in none of my places to go
to find it - and even online it seemed difficult to get it .
Anyway in the online stores .
known for me here By chance I bought this edition as a "buy it now snapper" at an auction .
Here on the perfumosite I could already get a 1st impression -
what awaits me as a scent variation this time .
The scent actually came OVP and after unpacking the 1ste spray went
directly on the chest under the shirt .
The 1st impression was rather unpleasant .
I found the fragrance to be light & very chemical & salty .
This smell reminds me nevertheless very much of my time with the Bundeswehr .
I mean that some objects back then also raked like that .
Not really sexy .
For me the 1 ne sprayer was absolutely enough.
That the scent should be very weak was
i can't relate to .
It does not take long until the salty smell has vanished
and only a slight hint of vanilla to be guessed at is .
As much as I like the scents of Jean Paul Gaultier -
this is now not at all so my .
There was certainly a vision from the makers of this fragrance .
I am glad that I could get hold of him for me - I will not sell him for sure .
But 2019 is just around the corner, and I'm guessing,
that there will also be a new vision to LE MALE .
Until then I enjoy the other scents of my collection .
9.0 2.0 4.0 7.0/10

0 Reviews
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The scent is not as salty as I am... "For fans"
As a Gaultier Parfum Enthusiast and "Le Mâle" Die-Hard fan, I couldn't help but get my hands on this edition as quickly as possible. Simply as a matter of principle. :) Because I'm really excited about their original work, as well as some flankers. Mostly by "Le Mâle eau de Toilette", "Le Mâle Eau Fraîche Popeye Edition", "Fleur du Mâle", "Ultra Mâle" and "Le Mâle Terrible".

For the first time I don't think the scent smells like the Le Male DNA. Well, don't be, as long as it's good... but what does it smell like now? Honestly, hard to say because he's just so weak. I'm not exaggerating... even with 20 sprayers you can only smell a very delicate veil, which will soon be gone again. Or is the nose so tired of it so quickly? Or both? Hm.
Anyway, he smells kind of fresh, salty, sweet. If I bury my nose in the spot in my T-shirt where I intentionally put on for the "clothing test", it reminds me now briefly of Coach for Men.
But the best description is the following: It smells extremely similar to Dunhill Icon Racing, only a little less sweet, but fresher and much weaker. Since Icon Racing also draws parallels to Invictus, some people - who don't know Icon Racing - don't recognize this in it. But Icon Racing hits it really well... where I find the smell of Navy better and more pleasant, but without the performance it doesn't do much. During further testing he also had short "La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Electrique" moments for me.
I'd say 70% Icon Racing + 30% Eau Electrique = In the Navy.

If I had to try to understand Gaultier, I could explain it that way: If you look at the commercials of "Le Mâle", where muscular types are 1000 sprayers on it after the sport... one should think Gaultier would have liked that their smells are generously applied.


-Maybe because they think that their rather maritime fragrances work better when they are used for sports or in the heat of summer, if they are applied in a weak concentration but on a large scale? Then you don't open one, but the distribution of the scenttaura on the body is more even / better.

-Or because they would like you to see the "spray effect", the experience *pff pff pff*,- more in your consciousness and see it as part of your daily routine? Don't laugh at me!! The sound of a car door slamming shut is being elaborately devised by scientists... for the premium car Experience! ;)

-Or is it simply because they think they sell more when people have to bathe in it - to feel themselves?

Hmm... I can already imagine how most of you will see that... ;P Tell us gladly in the answers!

I hope that this is not a sign that PUIG the Gaultier brand is now completely down the waterfall... -.-

I liked the original Le Mâle so much that you could make a statement with it. It was somewhat edgy and provocative, almost intrusive by this spice mixture, ws. by the tarragon, lavender etc; but it had nevertheless something appealing and then appealed to most because by the sweetness and freshness there was a veil over the whole that defused it.
The intensity of this high-contrast counterplay was so strong, even with 1-2 sprayers in the vintage version, that it added one to the whole thing and made it even more concise. (And exhausting when someone overdosed it excessively...)

And I would find it a real pity if the brand would no longer try to maintain this spirit in a worthy manner. I mean, is it so hard to dare a little more and leave the comfort zone? I know there's quite a bit of affordable competition now, and it doesn't come from anywhere that Gaultier has sold / had himself bought or so.
Where Le Mâle Terrible was a step in the right direction for me, even though it was already a bit weaker, but still good and daring, this is now a bit of a testament to poverty. No longer very independent, and even weaker than usual. The Eau Fraîche Popeye Edition is very successful! Was that before PUIG?

Never before has the predicate "For fans" fitted so well... because anyone who is not an idealist and lover of the brand, or has a roof damage like me, or both, - is really well advised to get Dunhill Icon Racing for a fraction of the money, and thus already celebrate the Intense version of "In the Navy" now, where it will be available only in March in Austria. (:

EDIT: We report here live from the test site! I just put on another huge dose, 2x armpit, 4x under shirt, 2x in the neck, and 3x on the arms. In the dose the salty almost citric comes across. And yes, now it's really good. Let's see how long haha ^^
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