Scandal by Night (2018)

Scandal by Night by Jean Paul Gaultier
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Scandal by Night is a new perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier for women and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Daphné Bugey

Fragrance Notes

Tuberose, Honey, Tonka bean, Patchouli



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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 21.08.2019
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Fragrant embrace
Today is Friday, wet and cold the weather and although it is actually already May, it feels like November. The gaze wanders out of the window and somehow the inner desire for warmth and security arises. Scandal by night is for me such a fragrance, suitably applied to this mood and already there is an olfactory embrace. One must clearly like honey and that does not mean the light light honey - but the heavy rich golden honey. Fogged into the peaceable honey, the rainy Friday becomes a little lighter.
On my skin, at least, I only perceive the honey with a little Tonka, which doesn't bother me, quite the opposite. The scent lasts long. There's nothing more I can say about that
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Greatly helpful Review    9
Honey in bigger, heavier, more powerful, sexier with advantages and disadvantages!
Around Jean Paul Gaultier´s Scandal is made a big hype. Only in 2017, the Eau de Parfum came on the market in autumn, then a year later Scandal Night (which I see as a kind of Intense version of this fragrance). And just in time for the beginning of spring the "lighter" scandal á Paris comes out.

I like the "primal scandal" very much. It is not (and still is) a revelation when I tested the scent to its appearance and got it as a gift. But the honey note was and is very tasty, somehow relaxing, comforting and "very intense". I also get a Joop Homme association when I wear scandal, something the two scents meant, or it's the feeling that I feel so familiar when I wear both scents, Also a touch of the classic poison, I see here. Only tiny, but still perceptible.

Scandal Night, it's a little different. This is already the case when spraying on. It doesn't smell orange (like the Eau de Parfum) but, it is only thrown around with honey! One feels bedded on honey, or for some surely killed by honey, since this note is very present. Here the honey really turns up. Was that in the scandal still well perceptible, Is here pure honey! This note dominates Scandal Night to 80%.
Only when smelling exactly, it smells slightly floral (through tuberose). But you have to try to keep them apart with the Hongi, because tuberose also tends to smell like honey.

A touch of cherry is also part of the game. But as I said, the main (or almost) sole note here is honey, deep sensual, sexy honey, which also smells slightly wicked and develops deliciously on my skin. I have less luck with other honey scents: Lady Million (and all its variations) get dusty on my skin, the honey extremely bitter and stinging.

Scandal and scandal night stay nice on me. And that's a good thing. I used to think scandal was "okay," now I think it's perfect. Scandal Night is even better than the normal version.
And finally once a smell (after many years) at me over 12 hours holds. and a pointed Sillage has.

I have a little uneasiness when I think that I have to smell scandal and scandal night in (high) summer. Girls and women, please! Do not wear it at the coming summer time. Both fragrances are powerful and not designed for it. On a wet and rainy day it may still go, but not with warmth. Or unless you want to attract bees, for they will most likely persecute you and choose you as a victim.

I know, from experience, that some fragrances have natural substances that smell of certain flowers and blossoms that attract bees and wasps This was just some good advice from me.

Scandal Night is preferably worn in the cold season. Please do not use in confined spaces! More than 2-3 sprayers and everything sinks in the honey mist. Scandal and Scandal Night, are for me the Angel´s of the (almost) 20's, of the 21st century.

I forgive Scandal Night 100%. It's not the art of perfumery. But because of the honey (which I love as an idol, whether in cosmetics or fragrance) I give it 100% from the bottom of my heart. And since today I am the proud owner of the 80 ml size, with the slightly reddish fragrance and the funny "feet up" plug plug.

I hope we will be able to experience these scandals for many more years and they will not be taken away from us. Because scents are not only to please you, but they also help you to come down. You can also wear scents to relax and in this category belong both scents and certainly the 3rd in the band the scandal á Paris.

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Greatly helpful Review    12
Persiko, Apfelkorn - and then: scandal by night
Man and woman Parfumista may wonder what do these terrible alcoholic beverages, which insult all taste buds, and a perfume have in common that they stand side by side in one title?
The answer lies in my individual reaction: Of all three deafening impositions, I feel sick.

So --- if this - admittedly sharpened - summary is enough for you, you may stop reading here and withdraw with an "oh, how sad" or "I knew it would be" and turn to fond smells or positive surprises of an olfactory kind.

For those who are hesitant, here still my experiencing this new (really?) fragrance from JPG with more details:

I was careless enough to open my rehearsal on a Saturday evening and quickly apply to my wrist.
Balance status at this time: xxx Kilogram.

Immediately sweet scents conquered my nose and for tenths of a second the predominant scent impression was: flowery-sweet. So far - so expectable.

But instead of a delicate flower dream, the obviously aggressively applied scent molecules added up to a sticky, honey-embossed carpet of scents, well, let's say - topping, which had nothing to offer apart from a tremendous intensity of great penetrance: As in Scandal, tuberose and patchouli are sought in vain, at least notes that deserve these names.

But I wanted to see how the scent would develop. Maybe you just have to give him a chance to allow some time to connect with the skin and unfold his true character? Unfortunately SBN rather revealed a commodity character: All cards already played, even bubblegum smells more differentiated. From minute to minute I had the feeling that I had eaten far too many honey rolls, many, many heavy honey rolls with the cheap industrial sugar honey dönns.
A glance at the scale confirmed: xxx Kilo plus 3! Within 10 minutes! I had to act!

So to the wash basin and there water and fine olive soap should put an end to the sweet overkill, which already threatened to stick my brain: Everything appeared to me with honey-coloured yellow underlay. Weia.

Back at work I opened the windows and let the night pass by, which was still due to the scandalously overdriven mono scent of the valuable oxygen elements. Now the harassment should come to an end, I thought, and sat down. Instead, another sweet cloud waved through the room and reached for me. A sniff test on the wrist confirmed:
At least the durability is (unfortunately) above average good.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
Of rabbits and good folk
Today I had the excellent idea to travel to the south - to the south of Bochum.

There the area is picturesquely beautiful - and the Ruhr runs through forests and meadows.

Unfortunately, hundreds still had this intuition - 90% of them cyclists.
These commuted, eated, flew over the walkways, so that Hundi and I had to flee ourselves hasenlike hooks beating into the undergrowth.
And then there are the arrogant, good-hearted faces on the bicycle saddles, because you do something for your health and for nature !

Hundi had the tail - and I pulled the head in.
Scandal !

I rummaged in my pocket for a white flag - but found - fittingly - scandal by night.

The first spray cooled my pulse down - but at the same time raised my self-confidence.
The soft honey note smoothed my nerves, and the tuberose creates presence.
Tonka rounds off and Patchouli has a strengthening effect.

Hundi and I crawl out of the undergrowth again - and stroll side by side along the way.

We take up the space we deserve - and by Night we create our feel-good zone.
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