Scandal pour Homme by Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal pour Homme 2021

09.08.2022 - 09:51 AM

Scandal pour Homme

To me Scandal pour Homme is like being wrapped up in blanket of sweetness and it's very comforting in that aspect.

And since I recently got my hands on Le Beau I have been going on a small JPG masculine fragrance gander, and I got my nose on this one fairly recently and was immediately swept away (I'm a sucker for gourmonds) and once again it reacted well with my skin chemistry that aside. This radiates at arms length on me and a little more if I spray it on my cloths for good measure as it lasts around 8-12 hours on me which is great.

Also noticed today, I may have gotten a small compliment from a guy while wearing this I think he was only saying he liked my jacket because he could smell this on me, just confirms that men like women who wear men's fragrances and it smells good on them which is all the confirmation you need.
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