Jean Paul Gaultier

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Interesting Facts

He always seems like a little boy and a rebel. Even at a young age, he stood on his own two feet. He is a self-confident natural talent and mastered a dream career without training.

With his extraordinary and often off-the-beaten-path creations, he always catches the eye and sends the world into raptures. He is provocative and eccentric and is often hired for films in which he can give free rein to his imagination. With just these fantastic creations, he captivates the audience even more than the film alone could without his collaboration. It's hard to believe he's the son of an accountant.

He is Madonna's favorite designer and constantly breaks new taboos. His men's skirt is legendary and no one could get past the sailor campaign. A self-director, he loves to appear in person often in his advertising campaigns. His perfumes are as fresh and bold as their master himself. "Le Male" or "Classique", like him, have been charming the world for years.
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