Bois d'Olivier & Cade by Jeanne en Provence

Bois d'Olivier & Cade 2011

23.11.2021 - 11:34 PM
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The Olive and the Cedar

Cedar-of-Spain or Cade is a species of juniper, that can form scattered bushes or small erect trees. It is easily found in the Mediterranean woods of Morocco, the Iberian Peninsula, and southern France. Normally the essential oil distilled from it has intense, dry, woody, tar-like, and smoky aromas.
Bois d'Olivier & Cade is a very masculine fragrance based on notes of Spanish Cedarwood. The juniper essential oils, and the associated olfactory perfumery note, often come from this tree. In this Jeanne en Provence fragrance, this tree is represented, by the berries, the wood and up to the green coniferous needles. It is an averagely spiced fragrance, with some fougére and herbaceous notes, with a few fresh tones, and woody enough to evoke the arid Mediterranean dryland woods.
The opening is fairly traditional with lemon peel with apple pulp.
At the heart we find soft juniper berries, but somewhat distant from the bitter juniper used to flavour gin. It intertwines a little with well aromatic but equally light lavender. The olfactory pyramid portrays aquatic notes that if perhaps translate into some freshness that is not salty at all. I also feel some cardamom nuances although this note is not listed.
The strong dish arrives with olive wood, sandalwood, the dominant cedar, and a bit of vanilla (note also unlisted). The mood becomes slightly smoky, with dry, masculine, rustic woods... a bit like our beloved Christmas tree.
This perfume clearly has a masculine slant. It has the knack of being easy to please everyone, myself included. From Jeanne En Provence I had previously chased Néroli Intense that besides being (really) a very good scent, it hardly changed the volume of my wallet. A flask of Bois d'Olivier & Cade came to my hands because, at the closing of a WEB order, I was offered a 100ml "special" for half a dozen Euros. I accepted this true shot in the dark without hesitation. I guess I did not regret it as in the meantime I already bought a second backup bottle!

Recommended? Yes and very much so. This perfume has become my "dumb reach" woody perfume. I find it similar to the also very good Eau de Cade Eau de Toilette. Strangely enough, it smells a tiny bit like La Nuit de L'Homme Eau de Toilette (I wonder why?).

Note: JEANNE EN PROVENCE is a Provencal brand of natural products, operating in Grasse, and established in the market since 1978. How they manage to make some products so good at fighting prices, I cannot understand. According to them, they just make.... "products of well-being and care, based on plants and flowers emblematic of our Provence... as well fragrances of our beautiful South (of France), elaborated by Master perfumers of Grasse."
Its perfumer - Jean-Pierre Béthouart - among other gems, made Boucheron (1988) Eau de Parfum , Boucheron pour Homme (1989) Eau de Parfum, The Dreamer Eau de Toilette , Dune pour Homme Eau de Toilette .... It seems that my Bois d'Olivier & Cade is in good company!

Music: Loreena Mckennitt - "The Olive And Cedar", from "Caravanserai"
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