Imperial Poudré by Jehanne Rigaud

Imperial Poudré 2015

15.01.2019 - 09:09 PM

New doll smell super powdered

During the day yesterday I was using Imperial Poudré thinking it was unisex, I do not know where I got that way, because when I saw the perfume tap today, it was clear to me. Since I wore it I felt feminine to the core, an aroma of an elegant and sober femininity, nothing vulgar, quite the contrary, a perfume with a lot of class, but nothing masculine. I took it because I had no choice and it did not matter, but I will not use it a second time, I will leave it for personal enjoyment at home.

Imperial Poudré is almost monolithic or linear, and I almost say, because there is a bit more musky from the final drying, but a little more, in general, it is a super-extra powdery vanilla with almonds, rose and iris, on a base musky. A super feminine perfume, which reminds me too much of the aroma that the new dolls brought in the 80's, the current dolls do not smell as good as the ones from before ... A perfume elegant, formal, sober and very refined, although, for my taste , a tad bored by its little evolution, but for lovers of this type of aromas, it will be a delight.

It has a certain air to two perfumes by Alyssa Ashley, "Essence de Patchouli" and "Ambre Gris", but with a much higher quality of components, it is an expensive perfume, and it shows, at least, in this case, and only they share that, a certain air ...

The performance is very good, exceeding 8 or 9 hours in skin, with a fairly high projection during the first hours, then down to moderate that is also not bad for a perfume of these characteristics.

I see it as a perfume of cold and temperate climates, and to dress it indifferently both day and night, it is elegant in any situation, but it is not a perfume for all occasions, and it is more suitable for special occasions that require it, it is not Daily perfume.

As a perfume I like it, but better in a woman, I do not see it in a man, and for women ... only for those who enjoy the notes powdery to the extreme.

Sorry for my bad english.
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