Fancy (2008) Eau de Parfum

Fancy (Eau de Parfum) by Jessica Simpson
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Fancy (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Jessica Simpson for women and was released in 2008. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Perfumania Holdings.

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Alexis Dadier

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPear, Apricot, Red fruits
Heart Notes Heart NotesCaramel, Roasted almond, Gardenia, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Vanilla, Sandalwood



6.8 (62 Ratings)


7.6 (45 Ratings)


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7.7 (50 Ratings)
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99 Reviews
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Extremely Synthetic Smelling Gourmand
Top Notes: Pear, Apricot, Red Berries.

Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Almond, Caramel.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber.

Fancy gets a lot of love on Fragrantica, which is where I first heard about it, so I thought I would try it as the notes do indeed look very good, and I hoped it would be a really good fragrance for cool weather. I ordered it blindly and wore it at least five or six times. I am sorry to say that of all my blindly purchased fragrances, Fancy was the biggest disappointment.

As so many reviewers have said, it is definitely sweet, and I definitely smell the caramel in it, but at first spray and for a good fifteen minutes or so thereafter, I mainly smelt nothing but florals, which surprised me. Later, the caramel and vanilla notes became quite noticeable. I have not really tried to pick out a lot of the other notes, but I agree this is definitely a gourmand fragrance with a dash of florals and not a floral fragrance with a bit of a gourmand edge. I definitely would not describe it as an Oriental, though.

I like Fancy's deep dry down much better than its top and heart notes. In the deep dry down I still perceive vanilla and a bit of caramel, but I also perceive a nice, warm amber. It remains very sweet into the deep dry down, too. Together the vanilla, caramel, and amber are nice but nevertheless quite foodie. I am not sure I would want to live through the top and heart notes every time I wore this just to get to the base notes.

Fancy is "okay" for what it is and for its price point, but it is not a fragrance I would have purchased had I sampled it first, and that is not because I dislike gourmands. (For example, I love B&BW's Sensual Amber and Cashmere Glow.) It is because Fancy has a quite STRONG synthetic smell to it.

After smelling Fancy, I can say for the first time that I truly understand what people mean whence they describe a fragrance as smelling "synthetic." It is best to smell this fragrance as it wafts up to your nose from your arms as it does not smell at all pleasant if you place your nose close to your arm to sniff it, which is untrue of every other fragrance I have tried.

I think anyone who likes Fancy could wear it, but on the whole, I think it would suit a younger person more than an older person. The floral notes give it a bit more sophistication than it would have without them, but Fancy is not a sophisticated fragrance. I could perhaps see myself wearing this whilst working around the house or working outdoors or cleaning out the garage in order to use up the bottle, but that is about all. I would not wear it any place where I wanted to be noticed for my fragrance, though. I also do not think it would be a good fragrance to wear to snuggle with your chap because as I said above, Fancy is best smelt as it wafts toward one's nose. If your chap put his nose against your neck whilst you were wearing Fancy, I do not think he would find it very nice.

No offence to anyone who loves Fancy, but I cannot recommend it. Anyone who really loves caramel as a note may want to try this, but beware that although there is a strong caramel note in it, the fragrance is very synthetic smelling. It has tenacious longevity and outstanding projection and sillage.

If anyone wants a celebrity gourmand fragrance, I recommend Queen Latifah's Queen over Fancy. Queen is boozy and gourmand, but it does not have the strong synthetic smell of Fancy.

As a side note, and interestingly enough, the nose behind Fancy also created Thierry Mugler Womanity, which I have not smelt.

Fragrance: 3/10

Projection: 10/10

Sillage: 10/10

Longevity: 10/10
5.0 7.5 7.5 6.0/10

213 Reviews
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Have Comfortable Fun With Fancy
Fancy has always been a comfort fragrance for me. At the end of the day, when I've scrubbed off my power perfumes, my fragrances I've reviewed and I want to luxuriate in something comfortable and soft, Fancy is one that comes to mind.
At the top are bitter pear and apricot notes to get past. I can live with that as they dissipate quickly within the first ten minutes and I get a sense of gardenia mixed with vanilla almost immediately right after. It soon turns into a creamy caramel gourmand that radiates decently but not overbearingly. The woods and the amber mix well to complete Fancy into a wonderful cool weather fragrance that's great for lounging, snuggling, having fun or resting. This is a well-blended mix I've turned to more often that I thought I would.
For the price point, this is a sweet deal at local discount stores. Longevity is excellent, lasting quite a few hours.
Put on an over-sized sweater, a comfortable pair of jeans, grab a cup of steaming hot tea and sit with the pets. Or the Significant Other. Or go walking in the colorful Fall leaves scrunching them underfoot. This is a perfume to wear when you're in a mood to have fun. This can be quite sweet, so for those vanilla and caramel lovers, go ahead and enjoy!

118 Reviews
Wow! I never imagined that I would love this perfume so much. It's my favorite from her line. It smells so delicious. I can definitely detect the caramel and vanilla with the powder. On my skin, it smells like it's blended perfectly. Not overpowering or cloying in the least but still noticeable, even after a whole day I can still smell it faintly on myself so the lasting power is great. Cozy, warm and special. I picked up a 3.4 ounce bottle of this for 19.99, what a steal and so worth it! One of the best celebrity scents ever!
5.0 5.0 2.0/10

1239 Reviews
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I'd Rather Wear Water Than This
There is certainly nothing new in Jessica Simpson FANCY. This is one among hundreds of inexpensive synthetic sandalwood vanilla fragrances launched by designers and celebrities looking to cash in on their fame. These compositions differ primarily in the quality of their components and lower quality versions tend to smell gross on my skin after only a couple of hours. Unfortunately, FANCY seems cheaper than average, as it starts to smell rather unpleasant within minutes.

I have seen that there is a lot of love for this fragrance, so I would like to observe here that I do not categorically dismiss all celebrity perfumes. There are serious quality differences between this one and Britney Spears BELIEVE or MIDNIGHT FANTASY or the four Kat Von D launches which I recently reviewed. This Parlux creation seems to be made with components at about the level of Coty non-prestige launches such as Halle Berry HALLE. I am sorry but this is simply too low for my nose and very unpleasant to wear on my skin.

I acquired a set of Jessica Simpson rollerballs out of curiosity and have worn these fragrances a few times now. FANCY, in particular, makes me pine seriously for a bath. I haven't looked at the ingredients, but I'm guessing that this one packs a wallop of BHT. Totally not for me under any possible circumstances. I would much rather wear water than this. Désolée.
7.5 7.5 5.0/10

1165 Reviews
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Sweet fairy floss
This does smell exactly like Pink Sugar.

Despite the two smelling very similar, seeming that Pink Sugar isn't readily available in Australia, this for some will be unique.

I really love the sugary sweetness in Fancy, although for some this will be quite sickening. You've definitely got to have a sweet tooth for fragrances like these.

Fancy is quite warm with a gourmand, dessert like quality. I sense a lot of apricot, caramel and vanilla, which together makes an adorably girlish and pretty fragrance.

I must repeat that this isn't for people that dislike sweet scents or gourmands. But for those of you that love scents of this kind, Fancy and you are sure to fall in love.

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