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Strictly by Jil Sander
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Strictly is a popular perfume by Jil Sander for men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesWhite pepper, Bay rum
Heart Notes Heart NotesNutmeg, Cardamom
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Cedarwood, Tonka bean



7.5 (161 Ratings)


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7.3 (142 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    5
Cardamom Muscat Bomb
Guys - what is that??
For me THE insider tip of the current decade!!
Immediately after the first spray, an incredibly strong and intense fragrance emerges, which in principle sets the direction. Because there's no big deal about this perfume. And here I can only say: Thank God!
First of all I like it when a fragrance tells me what to expect at the beginning.
And secondly this top note (actually it is the heart note) can stay that way all the time!
On the whole, this is a very spicy woody scent with good, but not intrusive sweetness (Tonka) in the background noise.
A cardamom muscat bomb in the truest sense of the word!
As many have already noticed, this is a big surprise for me on the part of JIL SANDER. I wouldn't have expected anything like this anymore!
As I said, the fragrance starts very strong and remains so for many hours. The shelf life is about 12 hours, whereas the half-life is about 5-6 hours.
The Sillage is good, but not room-filling. After a few hours, the scent is usually only close to the body to smell, but if you go very close to the skin, it is still very pronounced!
In addition, a good and not too weak fragrance cloud always comes along, if you have sprayed the upper body with it before.
And that's exactly what I love about this fragrance!
For me one of the best fragrances ever and one you can wear every day. Probably in winter and autumn, but also in spring and even in summer.
However, my opinion is that he is more likely to stand men aged 30 or 40 than young boys.
Excellent for the office!
In any case one of the first of my bottles, which will be bought immediately when it comes to the end!!
Especially at the price!
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7.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Less helpful Review    2
The mild forest air
I would not have expected anything more from JS what was produced here. I bought this fragrance right away. It smells like a sauna infusion and not too dominant. There we are with the question for what buy this smell. It is a great Busuinessduft never too obtrusive is and nevertheless a certain spirit with itself brings. The scent is woody and not too strict. A successful alternative for autumn and winter.
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One of the few designers who knows how to convince!
Since I'm actually a niche friend, I don't pay too much attention to too many designers. Jil Sander, however, is predestined for beautiful fragrances, classics such as Jil Sander Man should be known to all of us that were still great perfumes! Recently I got 2 new bottles of Jil Sander 79 Scent, which I was really happy about :)

So I started to test the other Jil's, too, whether for the lady or man.

The Strictly starts fresh and spicy for me, I immediately notice the white pepper in the top note, this start makes me think directly of Parfum de Marly Galloway. The whole thing is wonderfully easily flattered by the rum. A short time later the kardamom is added, at this time the scent is most beautiful for me. The vetiver and the cedar wood round the whole very harmoniously off, only the tonka bean has with me vacation - luckily!

Jil Sander's Strictly is a fragrance that everyone likes, there will hardly be people who don't like it.
I think it fits into every life situation, whether sport, at work, in my spare time, clubbing or on a date.

The Sillage could be better for me, but Strictly is a gentleman, is never loud or even penetrating.
The nice thing about him is that he always draws attention to himself in the course of time, that is, you think he's gone and then an incredibly beautiful scent reappears. This was really well done.

The shelf life is great, just like the Scent 79 this Jil Sander sticks to the skin.

The bottle makes a very valuable impression and looks great, the spray head is for me the best I have used so far, at this point once again a big compliment to Jil Sander

Conclusion: An extraordinary designer fragrance that has earned a place on the perfume Olympus.
It arrives super with the fellow men and particularly with the lady world. Personally this fragrance has surprised me very much, a great discovery!
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8.0 5.0 9.0 8.0/10

220 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
Concealed Opulence and Physical Attractiveness
Jil Sander is a highly respected and well-known German fashion designer with an own perfume brand. Starting in 1968, she has created - I dare say - an iconic style: modern, puristic, comitted to clean lines. For me, she is somewhere in between the Seventies and pure Bauhaus.

Some of the gent's perfumes became iconic especially to perfumistas: Feeling Man from the late Eighties and Background from the Nineties - a heritage that not all successors stood up to.

More or less all perfumes released under that brand have followed a certain design guideline that points back to Jil Sander - although she has sold her company and brand name long ago. Releases come regularly as to keep Jil Sander present in consumers' awareness.

The new Strictly is one that I will not forget so quickly. It approaches the opulence of a woody-aromatic from the cool, puristic, simple and plain point of view that Jil Sander stands for.

At first, forget about the notes.The aromachemical industry provides fragrance components that stand for themselves and do not directly imitate a natural smell. This does not make it too easy to describe such a fragrance. However, the aromatic impression is driven by a discernable touch of Vetiver in the basenotes - but without making it a typical Vetiver perfume. If Vetiver is used here it is integrated into an aromatic compound - slightly alcoholic or boozy, and with a strange effect: it provides warmth, in an almost intimate way. You wonder if what you smell is a perfume or already part of an attractive man's bodily odour.

A gent's cologne like this is rare but not too avantgardistic. Others have already explored this territory: Jil Sander's Strictly stands in a line that begins with Jasper Conrad's Mister, then over Lubin's Itasca, DSquared's Potion to Vetiver Bourbon by Merchant of Venice. Whereas the latter delves in opulence and refuses to leave the wearer's clothes, Sonia Constant and Olivier Pescheux accomplished a light perfume that will never push its way into the foreground. You may have an extra spritz without overapplying it.

I have to say I generally like these kind of woody-aromatics. They can emphasize the physical attractiveness of a man - if worn by the right person of course. I can't say if this is my own special perception or if others experience it in a similar way. I hope for more comments on Strictly and its neighboring fragrances.

Strictly is a very wearable fragrance that integrates closely into the wearer's presence. More aura than perfume, it is a good choice for the office but certainly also for the evening.

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strictly without colors
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