18.09.2013 - 04:56 PM
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Cool Velvet

I am pleasantly surprised by this Choo creation, and upon looking at the notes I am even more surprised. Perhaps it's my chemistry but upon first spray this smells to me as a delicious aquatic with a musk undertone and a hint of vanilla.

After a while the notes becomes more apparent and I can smell citrus (the tangerine?) *Hmmm* a sugary sweetness (strawberry?) and a featherlight tuberose note that is sprinkled with a dash of pepper, but nothing in this scent is too harsh. It's a very well balanced creation and I love it because its fresh/floral/spicy and sweet without that it smells like a mess!

It's a fresh breath from the *usual * gourmand and IMHO is far more original than Choo's "Jimmy Choo".

Autumn is at our doorstep...if you want a new scent to go with the new season give this one a try...this unusual seductive combination of fresh yet velvety, and floral yet spicy-sweet will keep you smiling! Well, it does me : )

Silage is: Fresh & floral yet spicy as far as your arm can reach - Longevity is: You aint Choo-ing me away anytime soon! Enjoy!
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