Jimmy Choo Fever (2018)

Jimmy Choo Fever by Jimmy Choo
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Jimmy Choo Fever is a new perfume by Jimmy Choo for women and was released in 2018. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPlum, Lychee, Grapefruit
Heart Notes Heart NotesHeliotrope, Vanilla orchid, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesBenzoin, Roasted almond, Tonka bean, Sandalwood



7.6 (33 Ratings)


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7.8 (39 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 13.11.2019
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Love at first smell!:))))))
On Saturday I had nothing to do and I was simply bored... I called my grandfather and asked him if he would like to go to the perfumery with me again and he didn't let me tell him twice:). On the way there he asked me what I wanted to test for scents again and I just meant that I'm not sure yet exactly what we should be surprised about:) And that was worth it!:D

Arrived there I looked around a little bit... Everything you know, I should already know... Unfortunately, the novelties have not knocked me off my feet either.... Alsooooo keep looking..... Until I stood in front of the Jimmy Choo perfume shelf and the bottle of Fever caught my eye:)))) I found alone already the bottle beautiful*-* Because I know original Jimmy Choo and I had not liked him at all because, the some annoying artificial note has disturbed me very much... But Fever is completely different! Viiiiel, viiiiel more beautiful and above all more interesting:) Also my grandfather thought that the bottle is very nice:D I thought about spraying Fever on a test strip first because I didn't know the scent yet but my curiosity was bigger because I was very interested how it would smell on my skin:)))) I put a sprayer on my wrist.... And I immediately shocked in love!*-* (What happens to me very rarely with scents!)

The scent...
starts with a beautiful and sexy lychee + grapefruit note (the plum note was only briefly perceptible on my skin).... just gorgeous!*-*-*-* Something I have to emphasize I have so far soo NEVER smelled a harmonic scent like this one! No note stings or seems penetrating! Neither artificial nor unbearable, everything in the fragrance process is simply wonderful!:)))) But the description of the fragrance goes on like this again!:D I can almost say that I could smell a very light but soooo damn beautiful raspberry note*-* Vanilla orchid.... How am I supposed to describe them...? I find no real words this note it is soooo a beautiful, sexy, wicked and mysterious vanilla that gives the scent and the fragrance a sooo indescribably beautiful depth*-* Jasmine is easy to smell but still in the most beautiful form! It gives the fragrance a very light but minimal pleasant fresh fragrance.... The tonka bean and almond note is really noticeable in the base note*-* almonds and tonka melt together and give the fragrance a beautiful and seductive creamy note you don't want to take the nose off your wrist anymore because it smells sooo good:D Especially I was half a day only on my wrist smelling like a crazy one:D What I had so far only with the La nuit Tresor fragrances....sandalwood gave the scent a discreet powdery note...( Who like me doesn't get along so well with purple scents will be very satisfied with Fever, the powdery one is very nice, delicate and pleasant:))))

I have also read here that the scent should not last so long and now I speak for myself... It held extremely well on my skin and I was able to smell for about 6-7 hours and my mother was able to smell very strong especially when she was sitting next to me. So my closing words... If you like dark, feminine and sexy fragrances like me you will be very happy with this one!:)) It's also perfect for the exit in my opinion! My grandfather also said that he hadn't smelled such a good women's fragrance for a long time:D So it must mean something good;) I hope I didn't sound like a madwoman when describing the scent, but I also describe scents the way I smell and perceive them! :)
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Very helpful Review    20
Like in fever
Today has been a long day, and the husband and I are going to our sofa universe in anticipation of Mr. Jauch.

I look forward to shining with my knowledge - because when I look around, nothing shines here in the room.
Well - no one sees.

Not thought through yet, the phone rings and Mani announces his visit in 30 minutes.

"Mani comes, and when he says he comes, he comes promptly " I sing the perplexed husband.
Our faces are blushing synchronously. A burst of fever?

I quickly think about whether I should dress up or the living room?
One only works.
What will please him more?

Division of labour . The husband will free the table from bottles and flak kittens - and fuss and hooey - and I'll put my hand on my style.

The husband cleans up like a roadie and I tuffy my flat-lying hair.
Perfume in the hair unfolds particularly well, and I grab feverishly - fever.
O lala - what a fruity effect.

Soft plum flatters me, and tart grapefruit focuses.
I draw a concentrated eyeliner, accompanied by attractive jasmine.
Powdery vanilla orchid goes hand in hand with my nude powder.
The aromatic almond harmonizes with my now shiny eyes, and the plum-colored lipstick creamily accentuates my mouth.

The scaredy-cat turned into a sexy bunny.
The scent of transformation.

Mani rings the bell: All right? - Of course

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Exotic-dark seducer
Beautiful dark purple bottle with velvety content. The first sprayer lets it crawl dark-berry into the nose, very gourmand and delicious. Like a very dark forest mountains in a very fine Belgian bitter chocolate . Hui I am really high, you have to like it, it is very good for autumn with its cold and wet windy days. The colour of the bottle penetrates so directly into my heart and lets it get warm, the perfume becomes vanilla and a little wooden almost with a hint of oud? And then this extremely tasty fruity slightly bitter fruit note. A very beautiful fragrance perhaps rather for the hours in the afternoon and evening, it already seduces very much. Even 4-5 hours later the dark fruit still has its presence, more gently but no less in focus. Somehow this is an exotic by the fruits, almost reminds me of very fine and in a very noble way produced candied fruits in a fine wooden shaft with a little vanilla pollinated. Forfeit this delicacy... Oh, I'm caught... mischievous smile!
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Jazzy76 10 months ago
feminine and sexy without resulting heavy. Perfectly balanced and juicy-warm.Wonderful the multifaceted glass "boule"in the shades of purple+1

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