A Shot of Oud over Mango 2012

A Shot of Oud over Mango by Jo Loves...
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A Shot of Oud over Mango is a perfume by Jo Loves... for women and men and was released in 2012. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Jo Malone

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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 28.06.2016.
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Further proof that I'm no oudy...
Mango is not used all that often in perfume. I'm familiar with a few mango-centric creations: Balmain EAU D'AMAZONIE, Hermès JARDIN SUR LE NIL, and Banana Republic MALACHITE leap immediately to mind. They are all rather fruity perfumes which feature mango quite prominently. In most compositions in which it figures (not those three), mango is included as a back-up fruity embellishment. In Jo Loves A SHOT OF OUD OVER MANGO, the mango (more sweet than green in this case) is rather marked--along with the oud.

Oud and Mango? Who'd have thought? Well, both notes smell authentic to my nose, but my problem with this composition is that, first, I'm simply not that fond of oud and, second, I'm not at all sure that oud mixes harmonically with mango. To me, this combination is aesthetically discordant. I do own that it was probably a mistake for me to waste one of my two complimentary samples from this house on a composition with the word 'oud' in its name, but what's done is done. Alas.

For those who truly enjoy an authentic oud note, I can recommend this new perfume from Jo Loves for testing. For me, it has served to confirm my recent discovery, made especially through testing what seemed to be a soli-oud perfume from the house of XerJoff, that I find authentic oud notes rather unpleasant. Small wonder that the oud perfumes which I enjoy are only the imposters!


Since reviewing another perfume from this new house, I have learned (it only took a bit of reading!) that Jo Loves is indeed another Jo Malone company. My complaint in the previous review (of PINK VETIVER) was that new niche houses are being produced as spores off established niche houses. When and where will it all end? Apparently what happened in this case is that Jo Malone sold off her original company to the Estée Lauder Group but then experienced a twinge of seller's remorse. She missed making perfumes, so she started another house.

My question: how is this possible? Usually in the contract terms of such sales (at least in the case of publishing, but why not also in perfume?) the seller is forbidden from producing works which compete with the sold items. Isn't there a problem here? Jo Loves should be a competitor with Jo Malone, should it not? I truly wonder whether the supremely savvy (marketwise) EL Group would permit such a thing. Or perhaps Jo Loves is only another pseudo-independent house? On ne sait jamais...
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