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Blackberry & Bay (Cologne) by Jo Malone
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Blackberry & Bay (Cologne) is a popular perfume by Jo Malone for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.
Scent goes well with Myrrh & Tonka

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlackberry, Grapefruit, Bay leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlossoms
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Cedarwood



7.8 (170 Ratings)


6.7 (123 Ratings)


6.1 (129 Ratings)


7.8 (126 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 03.04.2020.
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Rather shrub than berry, or: British understatement, perfectly balanced
We're dealing with a cologne here, and you can tell. "Blackberry & Bay" (BB) is a rather close and tender representative of his guild. But an immes good one! The flowers in the heart note as well as the predominant classification as women's fragrance helped me away from a test for a long time. But neither the one moves into the foreground nor does the other correspond to my personal assessment.

Let's get straight to the eponymous main ingredient, the blackberry! Here, too, I was afraid that in the end I would more or less smell a glass of Schwartau jam ... not at all! Whatever essences are used in BB - what spreads through me is more the feeling that I am standing in front of a ripe blackberry bush in late summer. The fruit is perceptible, but not domonant. The green, the woody and the earthy always resonate in a quite natural way. This is mainly due to the laurel, the cedar and the vetiver, because of course no blackberry hedge was cleared, put into the Hecksler and everything contained in it was somehow extracted! ;-)

The great strength of this cologne lies clearly in its calm and seductive aroma, which leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Here, nothing is too thickly applied, what some may miss at first, but I lead my hand again and again to my nose and also yesterday before falling asleep I smelled something sweet and balsamic, which of course is not intended for the bright world out there.

Although it is olfactory in a completely different way, I would compare BB to "Voyage D'Hermes" in my (!) collection because of the impression, the design, the fine nuances and the unagitated nature. In the current mainstream, the blackberry would certainly be a highly sugared fruit and not a plant that is perfectly harmonized with its summer environment. Hence the big compliment!
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6.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    4
The Druid in the Forest
In an old forest somewhere in the former Roman Empire, an old greybearded druid with a dark blue cape brews one of his mixtures.

First he throws some blackberries and laurel into the pot and stirs the mixture with a pinch of sour herbs.

After a few more minutes of bubbling he plucks a handful of flowers from the daisies next to him and throws them into his potion.

A few hours pass in which he repeatedly goes through his potion with his big wooden spoon... After all, he's done.

Some men scurry out of the village to get a sip of his brew. The old druid throws a small piece of a root into it shortly before giving it to the men and tells them to drink the potion as soon as it has cooled down...
Durability: The fragrance is very stable against external influences. It can easily endure a few hours under good conditions. However, at 8 hours (probably because he's just a cologne) everything is spoiled.

Sillage: Strong for the first hour, then steadily downhill with her. After 3 hours she is almost very close.

Flacon: Simple. Nothing special. I think he's okay. I don't think he's elegant after all. Rather boring
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7.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    10
The colour purple
What gives refreshment on a hot day like today?
Is it perhaps this fruity-woodsy prey?

"Blackberry & Bay" is one of Jo Malone's hits,
a dry-lilane spray and felt it's enough for the Ritz.

Rarely was the color purple transported by a perfume more into my head,
from May to Septmber one, if one possesses it, again and again gladly craves it.

Playful and noble, airy and ripe,
a reliable weapon against tension, among other things because of that I always like to reach for him'.

Relaxed but somehow also invigorating,
one is gladly with its carriers in the area.

Herbaceous, fresh, prickly and a forest spirit of sublime transparency,
there it can be made still much easier and without bad conscience a Lenz.

Black berries can easily convert you,
as if they had been taken off ideally, just seconds before they started to fertilise.

A good listener, a faithful companion,
without being pushy he makes me cheerful as soon as possible.

Green, dry, there's a fire in the woods,
he's one who lulls in and doesn't bang much.

Delicate and transparent, a piece of red wine,
he doesn't hang on your leg too long.

Like a warm breeze in Brittany, transparent and lifelike,
this tame gelding is still a little shy at the beginning.

But he has what it takes to be his best friend and also to layer,
one should approach it only carefully enough.

Like a centaur or a figure from legend,
then I directly only half as much about the 35 degrees complain.

"Blackberry & Bay moves the muddy-pitched fruit-thorn forest to the coast,
an oily, fluffy dream breath, which should be a lot better known.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
Daphne and Apollo
Plagued by fierce love, Apollo pursued the virgin nymph Daphne, the lovely daughter of the river god Peneios. Exhausted from the escape, Daphne asks her father to transform her in such a way that the pursuer no longer likes her.
In his "Metamorphoses" Ovid describes this transformation of the beautiful Daphne into a laurel tree as follows:
"... As she hardly implores it, rigid paralysis grasps the limbs,
And with supple bast the swelling bosom changes.
Greening grow to foliage the hair, to branches the arms;
Her foot hangs, recently still nimble, at the sluggish root.
Treetops cover the face; nothing remains but the shining beauty.
So does God love them. Rights held in the tribe
Does he feel how still trembling in the salvaging bark of his breasts,
And with the arms embracing the branches as if they were limbs, comprising
He kisses the wood. The wood also eludes the kisses.
"Because you," he then said, "cannot become mine as my wife,
Be mine as a tree. You should now constantly the lyre,
You should wear the hair, you constantly the quiver, o laurel!"

"Laurus Nobilis" (how noble it already sounds!) should be a very special award in the future.
If it isn't love!

Well, Jo Malone won't get a laurel wreath with "Blackberry & Bay".
And yet this fragrance is something very special again.
The sweetness of the plump, sun-ripened blackberries alone, filled with the images of the endless summer.
I can almost taste them, these berries.
A splash of bitterness of grapefruit, only so easily scattered in passing, cleverly rounds off.
But this scent composition gets its special charm from the laurel: tart and very spicy, a bit scratchy - as also known from the kitchen -, the fruity berry sweetness is pushed to the second place.
The laurel dominates; it makes this fragrance extraordinary, gives it spice and maybe also a little aggressiveness - yes, sometimes almost spines!
That makes "Blackberry & Bay" very valuable as a companion on days with the special thin skin.
In contrast to most other Jo Malone fragrances known to me, this makes it more durable, more meaningful.
A hint of flowers, as if grafted onto cedar wood, completes this summer symphony, which should be enjoyed to the last note.
Maybe treat yourself to a "da Capo" here and there: with two or three sprays this is no problem!

It is really not a fragrance for tender, cuddly women or correspondingly tender moments.
Sensitive maybe better not touch it!

"Blackberry & Bay" is loud, demands attention!
It gives strength to its wearer, lets her carry her head higher in its clarity and thus in the belief to be able to achieve a laurel wreath together with him!
And that's a good thing!
8 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    5
The laurel-blackberry Splash!
This woody spiciness of laurel, which bangs against the juicy, fully aromatic darkilafarbene again juicy blackberry - and then pours out in a warm splash - that is late summer! It's bursting with sun. And stays all British in the Malone-style. Always wearable everywhere. The laurel, woody green aromatic is balanced with the dark fruity berry. And the whole thing is very durable... Lasts 8 hours, hard to believe, because otherwise the Malones are rather fleeting. You don't actually need to write much more, says AugustA.
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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

320 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
A precious pleasure
I tested right now and It was love at firts smell! I find this acchord simply perfect.
It's a very fresh and feminin fragrance where fruity notes, flowers and Woods are well combined .
Classic and modern at the same time , it is pleasant particularly in the hot season and perfect for women of all ages. The bottle is simple, but elegant and refined . Anyway, pay attention : the price is very high !
2.5 7.5 3.0/10

130 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
A Little Flame and a Lot of Fizzle
Blackberry & Bay goes on gloriously -- the smell of fresh bay leaves -- aromatic, slightly sharp, fresh, natural. I've smelled nothing else like it, but it lasts less than a minute, and then you can smell something fruity steal in. The second aroma isn't really blackberries, though, unless it's the most milquetoast blackberry I've ever smelled. It's not distinctively blackberry, but like a ghost of some generic dark fruit. Early on, the scent comes together as a generally aromatic, somewhat fruity, not too fresh, not too natural, not earthy, feminine, nicey-nice scent.

I can see what was intended, I think -- an English maiden with a long dress and a straw hat on a lazy summer day in the countryside -- but it really has to smell like what she would be smelling. This is just too nice. There's no sense of the real or the natural here, except for a whiff or two of something skanky. (And that's NOT what I'm looking for when I mean 'natural'.)

Later on, the bay leaf returns in a muted form combined with mint and the scent tacks back and forth from this to something sweet and vaguely fruity. The effect is one of warm, overripe, just-gone-bad sense of feminine decay. I've had a similar experience with Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir, so it might just be me. In any case, gentlemen, proceed with caution. The yellow flag is out for this one.

As the scent winds down, it evaporates into a faint raspberry or blackberry aroma, and this sticks close to the skin until hour fifteen or so. Kudos on the duration, Jo, but the rest of this scent experience varies from dull to nasty with a handful of glorious moments, made bitter by their evanescence.


Lillibet 2 years ago
A burst of tart fruity blackberry followed by savoury & aromatic bay leaves & a woody dry down. One of my favourite fall-back office frags.+1

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