Honey & Crocus (2018)

Honey & Crocus by Jo Malone
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Honey & Crocus is a popular limited perfume by Jo Malone for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesEnglish lavender
Heart Notes Heart NotesCrocus, Almond milk
Base Notes Base NotesHoney



7.9 (44 Ratings)


7.3 (39 Ratings)


6.6 (39 Ratings)


7.9 (47 Ratings)
Submitted by Greifswald, last update on 24.02.2019.
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Very helpful Review    6
very atypical
Since 2015 I have been following the limited Jo Malone collections with great interest and pleasure.
I have spent many beautiful hours with these nevertheless quite special smells already.
Before, there was usually a kind of "hunt" on eBay for one or the other of this family; the prices skyrocketed in such a way - it's unbelievable!

So my expectations for the new season collection "English Fields" were accordingly high; everything sounds very nice - not to mention the photos; they tempt to buy again.
So I decided for "Honey & Crocus" from this line to make a friend of mine happy and to say "Thank you" for many things.
Of course I also had to test this fragrance before I sent the bottle on: she knows me and has learned to live more or less well with my quirks!

Already the sweetness alone needs getting used to.
Anyone who, like me, sees the clarity of Jo Malone's creations as a great advantage must rethink here.
It's a clear liquid coming out of the bottle, but from the smell I would expect something creamy-white!
"Honey & Crocus" immediately reminds me of a heavy body milk in which caring almond milk dominates.
I carry this fragrance coat around with me for some time: I am not so happy with it!
Lavender and honey get along very well here, also the somewhat saffron-like crocus nuance shows up soon.
The illusion of an evening stroll along ripe, flowering fields soon becomes apparent.

The shelf life is as with all Jo Malone fragrances: it is rather moderate; only the almond milk survives.
The bottle has the usual, almost puristic shape, but feels as if it has not been completely finished. There's something strange about it!
The usual lightness, which always did justice to the content, is missing here.

I don't know if I really like this fragrance. It's a strange, very strange kind of Jo Malone scents.
Also my girlfriend is not quite happy with it: "Honey & Crocus" is a little too sweet for her.
Although she also visited the Jo Malone-Townhouse during her visit to London and "sniffed around" there, she can't quite make friends with this scent.
I regret that, of course. Because this fragrance should please them and not unsettle them.
Also this happens unfortunately sometimes with gifts: one lies a little beside it with the own decision!

Conclusion: this Seasons Collection by Jo Malone was unfortunately not created for me.
On the one hand it's a pity, on the other hand I almost don't know where to go with these square flacons anyway They don't take much space away by their slenderness; but here it does the earth!
In this respect it's good that at least one fragrance from this series doesn't want to move in with me.
Who knows what next year will look like this time of year?
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Crocus Islands
I have spread crocus onions in my lawn quite casually and generously on different stains - and the forest husband frowned doubtfully.

But we both press our noses flat on the glass when the first crocuses finally appear and form into white-purple-yellow islands.
That means the longed-for departure of winter.

Delicate flowers then lie in the air - a hint of spring.

This fragrance and the colourful sight have something comforting about them.
Slowly the golden honey flows into the lavender tea - because you still need warmth from the inside.
The almond milk spreads just as leisurely on my winter skin.

Spring will still take its time - but we know that it will come.
4 Replies
6.0 6.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
At Master Hora's table
I find honey wonderful as a food and stimulant - from light-bright acacia to velvety opaque clover to deep dark forest honey. As souvenirs I like to buy and consume things and like to bring local honey from my travels, and more English - preferably on still warm, butter-soaked crumpets (those are somewhat spongy yeast cakes, which are often sold packaged for baking) or simply on toast - has never disappointed me. And when I read Michael Ende's Momo for the first time as a child, I was almost most impressed by the passage when Master Hora gave her fresh, golden-brown, crispy rolls with butter and honey to eat
In perfumes, on the other hand, I often find honey difficult. Sometimes its lovely sweetness gives the fragrance something too childishly innocent (and makes it a beautiful children's fragrance, which I find somewhat silly in non-children) or it tends to be too venus-attractive sweet in the sense of 'hash me' (which is no less silly then). In short, honey needs a counterweight in my subjective perception of taste - something that balances the melting sweetness without obscuring its inherent charm. Flowers or chords related to them are only suitable to a limited extent, although the experiment is not uninteresting here.

Jo Malones English Fields - Honey and Crocus is much more a honey than a crocus scent. (What is a crocus scent anyway? Saffron is obtained from the blossom scars of the crocus, its aroma has something bitter and metallic, which - as culinary evidence shows - is very suitable for balancing sweetness.) Top note and dominant fragrance impression are monochrome honey-sweet (and therefore somewhat difficult for me for the aforementioned reasons). Lavender is by far not present and strong enough to act as the required counterweight. Only after a while does Mandel add at least a second facet of gourmandism and finally - albeit only very subtly and vaguely - the bitterness and brittleness of the crocus with a very gentle burnt chord in it. A little bit of the roast aromas in the crumb of crumpet or toast under melting butter and golden honey - no matter if English or not.

Conclusion: neither a scent of children nor of Venus flies. Instead gold-clear honey on butter-soaked, warm toast, very sensual and beautiful basically. I don't have to smell it myself.
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Fabirss 18 months ago
Lovely almond. Creamy base. No lavender for me, which is a total plus! Longevity for an EdC is superb: 6 hours with steady projection.+1

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