Joop! Homme Extreme (2014)Eau de Toilette Intense

Joop! Homme Extreme (Eau de Toilette Intense) by Joop!
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Joop! Homme Extreme (Eau de Toilette Intense) is a perfume by Joop! for men and was released in 2014. The scent is sweet-synthetic. It was last marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Black cocoa, Patchouli, Sensual skin accord



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A more sexual and carnal version of the original
I love Joop! Homme, and this had always been the flanker that attracted me the most, that is why "Extreme" and "Eau de Toilette Intense". The fact is that he had been behind him for some time, but whenever he found it, he had a very high price, or it was a website with no shipping to Spain. In short, I found it difficult to get a bottle at a good price, but in the end the wait was worth it, and without waiting I found a very good offer, and came home.

His subtitle "Extreme" and his cataloging of "Eau de Toilette Intense" had me crazy, especially because the original I love, and if this was more extreme, well .... Imagine, drooling like a madman, but ... NO, it is not more intense, or more durable, or project more than the original, and I do not compare it with the vintage version of the original, I mean the current version. On that side I've taken a small disappointment, but on the other, it more than makes up for its aroma, I love it!

Joop! Homme Extreme is a dark, seductive and magnetic aroma, it is astonishing, and in spite of being a perfume of 2014, it has the powerhouse ochentera essence of the original, although, yes, much more restrained. The output is a kind of cherry syrup acidulated with dark cocoa powder. It is like a dessert of red fruits sprinkled with cocoa powder, a delight without exceeding in sweetness. Then, a plastic floral note (Hedione) begins to come into play, like a nod to the original, on a background of patchouli and leather, precious, and all this, with a slight residual red tone, which, although it does not smell the same, It reminds you of every moment where it comes from. It is a sensation of dark chocolate in sweet powder, agreed and woody with a limp and dirty floral tone, but everything very carnal and sexual, it is addictive, I do not know how to explain it, but it is really beautiful.

The performance is moderate high, its duration in skin is between 7 or 8 hours, but already the last hour very close to skin. The wake is very intense the first hour, then low to moderate, which is not bad, but it is nothing "extreme" as its name says.

I feel a night perfume at any time of year, and for cold seasons can be used equally day and night, although that already goes according to the tastes of the consumer, but for me, it is a very versatile perfume.

Beware of this perfume, because like its mother fragrance, it is not perfume for everyone. If you like the original, you will like this almost certainly, but if, on the contrary, you do not like the original, this, possibly, you do not like it either, because it has that synthetic and plastic seal of the original implicit, that I love and others not so much, so be very careful with this before your blind purchase.

Sorry for my bad english.
7.0 6.0 7.0 9.0/10

273 Reviews
Don't follow the herd, get your voice heard!
I've always been fond of Joop Homme since the very moment it was released on the market in 1989. And Extreme is reckoned to provide men with a warm, animalic fragrance that can be worn day or night. This controversial fragrance opens with the powerful top note of cacao that perfectly blends into the deep heart of leather. The scent closes with the earthy, fresh base accord of patchouli.

Wow! This was a blind buy risk that actually paid off big-time! I love this scent. I've read the reviews here and there and I can agree or disagree with most, though to my nose, this is an astonishing fragrance, it wears well on my skin and got compliments. I can't understand why all the negative reviews, I find this one pretty addictive. I struggle with the list of notes, for me the dominant aspect of this one is a kind of berry/cherry note. I get the cacao and leather. Let's see how it plays.

JOOP! Homme Extreme is an Oriental Spicy fragrance based on an unexpected blend of untamed spices and luxurious woods. It opens with the same sweetness and is only slightly less sweet than the original. On the initial spray, I get a dark chocolate sensation mixed with bitter and dark cherry, more similar to tart liquor than to mellow syrup. Here I recognize few similarities with Joop Homme, still Extreme is less sweet and less sharp. The velvety black cocoa powder is intense, redolent, full of pure sexiness, yet without the gourmand aspect that is present in a praline for instance.

Once the initial bittersweet cacao wears off, it gives way to a blend of leather and spices that I personally enjoy. At the heart of the fragrance, the cologne is formed around a carnal and intoxicating hot skin accord, a sort of secret ingredient. It is bland and tender leather, a soft suede. It slowly develops to a more dark variation of the original Joop. Its heavy, obscure, cherry smell is similar to Azzaro Elixir mixed with powdery touches. It's the best stage of the fragrance and it totally captures the feeling Joop intended to give us extremely. Deep and velvety black cocoa notes are the perfect counterpoint to this mysterious accord and are used to express the intensity of the physical act of love. Scents of leather and warm spiciness dominate the heart.

The dry down comes with rich woods and warming spices, which round off the sensuous experience. The modern patchouli base infuses a dimension of sexiness, making it utterly addictive and addictive. All the Joop! men's colognes have a trademark sweetness to them. In general, I think these are a good fit for younger men who would like sweetness. I generally don't love sweeter perfumes but this is well-balanced. Noteworthy, this is the most synthetic-smelling of the Joop! fragrances.

The notes and the overall aroma make me think of a bold scent for the cold season, day or night, it is not overpowering and no one would complain or get offended if you wear it at the office. Compared with the original, both sillage and longevity are weaker, anyway, 5 to 6 hours is the time I could smell it on my skin and projection stay close to the arms. Should I recommend this juice? Yeah, sure. If you are anything like me and love Joop Homme, this one won't let you down.

You'd smell the scent from miles just like animals. It makes the allusion between a desire for a lover to the far-scent abilities of animals.

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Perfect for winter dates and clubbing
The original has already convinced me, but this intensified version is even better. Not everyone can wear this scent! You have to be courageous and self-confident if you want to wear such a scent bomb, because it is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. It's very sweet, but not pushy, unless you spray too much on yourself. It is guaranteed no professional smell, and/or one should not carry it in the office or to the work, since one stuns otherwise his surrounding field with it. For clubbing I recommend a minimum of 4 splashes and a maximum of 8. 6 splashes would be ideal. (From my perspective)
The fragrance has a tremendous shelf life and sillage and people will notice you wearing Joop Homme Extreme. It is definitely a playful men's fragrance that is suitable for 16 to 25 year olds as it smells childish or not adult. For gentlemen who like syrup and red berries, buy this fragrance that will please you! Joop Homme Extreme suits the elegant man who likes flirting, being vain and self-confident at the same time.
Only two minus points:
-Boring bottle
-Hard to find since it is no longer produced (I think...)
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Elysium 12 months ago
You'd smell the scent from miles just like animals. It makes the allusion between a desire for a lover to the far-scent abilities of animals+2

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