Wow! for Women (2018)

Wow! for Women by Joop!
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Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
Wow! for Women (Joop!)
6.6 / 10     57 RatingsRatingsRatings
Wow! for Women is a new perfume by Joop! for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRaspberry, Rose
Heart Notes Heart NotesRed rose, Peony
Base Notes Base NotesWhite musk, Cetalox®, Patchouli



6.6 (57 Ratings)


7.0 (46 Ratings)


6.6 (46 Ratings)


7.2 (54 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is actress Milla Jovovich.

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Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 6.0/10
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Helpful Review    13
Wow, the parody of a fashion scent
Finally they are back in the supermarkets, the Christmas cookies, the gingerbread... and finally the perfumeries are getting ready again for the big battle of the year, at the end of which even the last already somewhat tired looking "husband" will put down a "wow-en" bottle under the Christmas tree.
So what could be more obvious than flying to my trusted perfumery in New York City with my own husband to test the latest creations at the foot of the Trump Tower? Ryanair flies us almost to 5th Avenue, where we can wave to Elizabeth Arden, who looks out the red door just as we jet over her head. Whoa!!!
Of course, we clearly perceive their perfume, the scent of freedom and adventure.
When we arrive at my perfumery, the boss Ludmilla Chutina welcomes me with a huge bottle of the new Joop!!!- fragrance. She is Russian and pronounces the name "Joop!" very well, because a famous Russian curse sounds very similar. We both laugh heartily and have fun as always.
Yes, and the fragrance is delicious, too!
- I must immediately think of my late great-aunt Princess Amalia... Raspberries. Such juicy red berries. They are served together with a bouquet of roses that smells like the one that a gentleman put down for me a few days ago at the entrance hall to the Ritz in Paris.
.... wow, wow, wow - those were roses... and that's how this divine new perfume by an ingenious designer from Potsdam smells.
Make Wolfgang great again - that's what the enchanting Ludmilla in the perfumery in New York says, because even my husband has now realized how important it is to have an international presence. That's why he quickly returns to us females from his brief visit to the Lehman Brothers on Wall Street... haha, he virtually joins our group again - and he can't escape the beauty of the fragrance either.
White musk and patchouli form the noble basis, oh, I cuddle briefly to my husband and remember how we danced together with Priscilla Presley at an Elvis Memorial Party in Bad Nauheim a few years ago, even then I wore a fragrance of Joop!, it was "Berlin", but this new one here, as if made for New York... just "Wow".
And already he pulls out his Platinum card to buy me a bottle, yes, he does everything for me, my Alfred!
Quickly back into the plane and quickly like the wind to Neuschwanstein, where we recently decorate an apartment in the castle with our presence.
I will immediately wow in our canopy bed covered with damask (little corny, isn't it true, who will think of looking in?)... - and spray with Joop! Wow!
This fragrance of rose and musk, this stunningly modern and at the same time romantic fragrance, will provide imaginative stimulation in our bedroom for a long time to come... (a prankster who thinks evil!).

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Bottle 7.0/10 Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 6.0/10 Scent 5.5/10
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Helpful Review    9
Please allow for 2 hours waiting time
At first you can notice an intense and fine flowery note, which also brings a very delicate greenish and also very light creamy touch and is due to the rose, which I unfortunately can't exactly name.

At the same time the rose is accompanied by a bright, sweet and fruity shade, which unfortunately doesn't harmonize quite so well with the rose and in one can come up the picture of a rose - raspberry - body lotion, but this doesn't quite succeed, because in my opinion a little bit too much was exaggerated with the applied synthetics, because the rose has a scratchy tone in the background and for me the head note seems a little out of round But that could be exactly what you wanted.

This constellation is perceptible on my skin for 20 minutes before the heart note unfolds.

Now there is a bright, intensive peony perceptible, which gives the heart note something "shimmering" quite discreetly powdery and at the same time there is another rose perceptible, which appears deeper and fuller and also has something slightly fleshy in itself, but also a discreet certain pure - soapy aura and I can imagine very well that here the Taif - rose was applied
I personally like the heart note a little bit better, but unfortunately the synthetics are still in the way and make sure that you perceive the notes individually and that you have the feeling that the two notes cannot unite and are even prevented from doing so.

After 1.5 hours, the Taif rose and the peony, which I suspected to be the ones, have managed to assert themselves against the synthetic, it is still there, but leaves the two notes the possibility to unite and suddenly this scratchy tone has completely disappeared and the heart note now smells pleasantly rosy and enlightening airy, but a good 2 hours to have to wait until the fragrance develops a pleasant wearing comfort, would simply take too long for me
The heart note is perceptible on my skin for 3 hours before the base asserts itself.

The base smells really very pleasant, probably because I love patchouli, it seems very clear and earthy, a little sweet twist brings it with it and is kept pleasantly clear and pure by the white musk, without reminding of freshly washed laundry.

The whole base is wrapped in a transparent woody note, which I couldn't assign at all, because it tickles like a feather on the outside of my nose and I would never have come across Cetalox, but I do know this material
In total, the fragrance lasts 6 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is designed from the start to be perceived well at half an arm's length and this is maintained in 2.5 hours before it is reduced in leisurely steps until the fragrance finally completely fades away.

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