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Arborist 2019

30.12.2021 - 03:14 PM

A dark osmanth

I like that a cheerful and bright note in the collective imagination is overshadowed by deep and dark notes, making me come out of total comfort for a moment. In this case it is the osmanthus absolute with its pastel apricot color that takes on a material tone, burnished by green and dark brown sponging. Honey and quince, hints of malt distillation, peat, coniferous woods, suggest rural sensations of a bush at dusk, damp and with the mist that confuses the way back towards reassuring smoking chimneys. But there is also a large presence of leather, skin and human activities: tenacious forearms burned by the sun and marked by work, overalls soiled with lubricating oil, boots. I am reminded of the idea of ​​returning home, after a strenuous working day, with all the smells still on and a whiskey in hand to ward off anguish and evening demons.
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