Gorseland by Jorum Studio

Gorseland 2022

15.07.2022 - 06:59 PM

Countryside landscape with yellow flowers

The citrus opening with green apples and the yellow flowers of a wild field bring back good memories.
I associate the aroma with a vacation in Ibiza in the summer of 1978. After arriving at the port, I headed towards the San Mateo region in the interior of the island, to the house of a friend who had invited me to stay.
It was a wilder and more primitive part of the island, and while I was looking for my host's house, the paths became increasingly narrow, confusing, dirt, inhospitable or absent. As if I was penetrating a territory located in another dimension. At the same time the rest of the world was getting further away. I remember passing in a depression in the ground (almost a large grave) where some very old women, dressed in dark, but silent and smiling, were handling fruit in the cool shade of a stone house next to an apple orchard. There were baskets of lemons and dried figs on the dirt floor.
Shortly after, I passed through some brooms and ended up, at a certain moment, already lost and not knowing where I was, on a small plateau that seemed to have its origin in the vibrant blue horizon of the midday sky. The warm aroma of fig leaves arrived from afar and the song of cicadas fell sharply on the inhospitable soil covered by low plants but resistant to adverse weather conditions. I wandered among tufts of gorse and marigolds that spread out like a yellow carpet exhaling a scent of earth, thistles and chamomile. As the heat was very high, the shimmer of the air made everything less clear near the ground.
A little further away, emerging from the horizon, a white house with no roof began to materialize, completing the surreal landscape.
A blue and yellow watercolor with a white dot in the middle.
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